Horsing around on charges. Over a year ago a certain horse training partnership had charges levelled against it in relation to horses within their care having tested positive to EPO. There has been a deafening silence since July. As other trainers are asking: what is the hold-up?

Real estate and the ALP. In considering the lack of action by the Victorian Labor government on real estate-related matters (except for allowing developers to now rip 20% off mug buyers), you need to look no further than the rice-paper thin closeness of the REIV and the ALP — represented by no less than Robert LaRocca, an ALP apparatchik, and present chief lobbyist for the REIV. As well being a former Labor mayor, LaRocca was an adviser to a consumer affairs minister (Marsha Thomson) — and had direct influence over that agency. The very agency responsible for overseeing the real estate industry — Consumer Affairs Victoria.

An agency deeply compromised by its close relationship with the ALP, its director proudly spruiking her close relationship with various ALP MPs and a couple of ex-ministerial staffers now working within the agency. It’s more a branch of King Street than Treasury Place.

The train line ghosts. It’s not just Dennis Station running air-conditioning when nobody’s home. Macaulay Station on the Upfield line also has the air-conditioning going full tilt, with the run-off dripping right near the information/emergency communication box …

CORRECTION: Yesterday Crikey published information in its ‘tips and rumours’ section regarding allegations against players and managers from the Bulldogs Rugby League Club. Crikey acknowledges there is no foundation to the information and happily withdraws the allegations. We apologise for any hurt the item may have caused individuals associated with the club.