Paris and the RBA — joined at the hip. Nobody wants to hear about what Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens has to say, right? But what if you made some tenuous link with woman-about-town Paris Hilton, with accompanying illustration? Nick Nichols, writing in today’s Gold Coast Bulletin, has the right idea…

22-09-2010 11-18-34 AM

PARIS Hilton gets lucky again — homebuyers get screwed. These are the headlines of the week.

While they are somehow disparate, they share a similar theme in that they describe two glaringly obvious cases of injustice.

On the one hand, the fate of a dizzy socialite who can’t tell the difference between chewing gum and crack cocaine takes a turn for the better because overpaid lawyers can sniff out a platinum credit card at 50 paces.

On the other, there is no joy for homebuyers who can’t tell the difference between an interest rate rise and a crack over the head — because there isn’t one.


If Paris Hilton were on the case, we might stand a chance.

But justice in a handbag is clearly a privilege for the rich.

Just like there’s little difference between economic analysis and a shameless ploy for eyeballs, perhaps. — Jason Whittaker

Go the Titans! Meanwhile, you reckon the Bulletin‘s site is backing the Titans in the NRL finals series …?

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The iPhone is here … and gone. Received from Optus on September 20:

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Received from Optus on September 21:

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New measure for print readership

“A new survey of the readership of Australian newspapers and magazines should be in the market by the end of next year.” — The Australian

I dug the dirt, and they hung me out to dry

“A private investigator paid by journalists to illegally obtain information about celebrities and public figures has said he was a fall guy for the powerful newspaper groups he worked for.” — The Guardian

Legal challenge to put live TV online

“Barely a week after launch, a Seattle-based streaming TV start-up filed suit against major broadcast networks, hoping that a court will approve of it’s attempt to retransmit live television broadcasts over the Web.” — WebNewser

Restaurant critic hits back at online rivals

“’That’s already the case. The dinosaur has died. Only the brain has yet to receive the message.’ As this publication’s dining critic and free-floating reptile brain, I’ll try to grunt out a retort.” —

Pundit Idol: the Post searches for new writers

“The Washington Post is back with a repeat edition of their ‘America’s Next Great Pundit’ contest. Last year, they found an American Pundit that was so Great that he hasn’t written any punditry since this past March.” — Huffington Post

Home and Away too steamy for Kiwis

“Aussie soap Home and Away was ruled too raunchy by New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority today.” —