Disquiet over desalination plant. Labor MPs in South Australia are starting to feel uncomfortable about the Adelaide desalination plant after a work-related death was recorded earlier this year and recent rumours of cost blowouts and massive delays. A sub-committee of caucus will be touring the site soon. Hopefully they don’t just scratch the surface and look into the contractual arrangements, which could see millions wasted every year after the plant becomes operational.

Is Malcolm’s heart really in it? Is Tony Abbott trying to shaft Malcolm Turnbull? Unlike most of the flat-earthers on the blue side of politics, Turnbull actually supports the notion of a national fibre-optic broadband network. He’s now going to have to fight the fight for Tony to destroy the NBN, when his heart won’t really be in it.

Qantas has its own cosy deals. It’s a bit rich for Qantas to oppose the proposed tie-up between Virgin and Etihad into the Middle East markets. After all, doesn’t Qantas have a much closer deal with British Airways through the Joint Services Agreement on the Kangaroo route to London that was OKed by the ACCC? The JSA is a far closer and more lucrative deal than the one Virgin and Eithad are proposing.

More Australians travel through the JSA airlines than would fly on Virgin or Etihad, or is Qantas really scared that the new line-up might steal passengers from the JSA partners, especially itself? The hypocrisy about competition that flourished under former Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon and chairman Margaret Jackson has been passed on intact to the current duo of chairman Leigh Clifford (who was a strong believer in competition while running Rio Tinto) and CEO Alan Joyce, who was also in favour of freedom to compete and cut wages and conditions while running Jetstar (but hasn’t stopped kissing the Blarney Stone on these and other important issues).

And from the grassy knoll… Climate change is a hoax, you Zionist facists … stop writing reports like it’s assumed climate change is caused by man! Carbon tax or EMS … makes no difference … it’s based on a fraud … set up by the aristocracy of this world that have the controlling interests in multinational banks. Ever heard of the Inter Alpha banking group? …  Crikey is piss weak, since Maine left … but that was the whole idea, no doubt!