The Winners: Nothing to be said about the night except WC Fields was wrong (“Never work with animals or children”) in the case of Junior MasterChef. The kids and the adults had a good night out. Ten was simply too strong and even though Nine won All people, Ten had the better programming and viewers responded. Ten won all the demos.

  1. Junior MasterChef (Ten) (7.30pm) (debut) — 2.202 million
  2. Seven News (6pm)– 1.656 million
  3. Nine News (6pm) — 1.606 million
  4. Midsomer Murders (ABC) (8.30pm) — 1.433 million
  5. RBT (Nine) (6.30pm) — 1.416 million
  6. Modern Family (Ten) (6.30pm) — 1.364 million
  7. Hot Pursuit (Nine) (7pm) (debut) — 1.275 million
  8. Sunday Night (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.213 million
  9. Offspring (Ten) (8.30pm) — 1.160 million
  10. 60 Minutes (Nine) (7.30pm) — 1.150 million
  11. The X Factor (Seven) (7.30pm) — 1.074 million

The Losers: Seven. Squashed by Junior MasterChef especially The X Factor which had its audience slashed, and then squeezed by Midsomer Murders, as was Ten.

News & CA: Insiders is back to normal figures now that we have a new Federal Government. And PM Julia Gillard did her first interview among the Sundays as PM with Insiders. The ABC’s Landline had good coverage of the impact of the floods in northern Victoria and the wet weather of the past few months across much of regional Australia, as well as a solid report on the woes of Elders that would have sat well in a finance program.

  1. Seven News (6pm)– 1.656 million
  2. Nine News (6pm) — 1.606 million
  3. Sunday Night (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.213 million
  4. 60 Minutes (Nine) (7.30pm) — 1.150 million
  5. ABC News (7pm) — 892,000
  6. Ten News (5pm) –620,000
  7. SBS News (6.30pm) — 195,000
  8. Dateline (SBS,) (8.30pm) — 189,000

In the morning:

  1. Weekend Sunrise (Seven) (8am) — 374,000
  2. Weekend Today (Nine) (8am) — 318,000
  3. Insiders (ABC) (9am) — 242,000
  4. Landline (ABC) (Noon) — 222,000
  5. Inside Business (ABC) (10am) — 170,000
  6. Offsiders (ABC) (10.30am) — 134,000
  7. Meet The Press (Ten) (8am) — 35,000

The Stats:

  • FTA: Nine won overall with a share of 27.5%, from Ten on 26.2%, Seven with 23.6%, the ABC on 18.1% and SBS on 4.5%.
  • Main Channel: Nine won here with 23.4%, from Ten on 22.9%, Seven with 21.5%, ABC 1, 16.6% and SBS ONE, 3.7%.
  • Digital: GO won with a share of 4.2%, from ONE with 3.3%, 7TWO on 2.2%, ABC 2 and SBS TWO both 0.8% each, ABC 3 on 0.4% and News 24 on 0.3%. That’s a total share of 12% for the digitals. Adelaide was the peak market with 14.2%, followed by Brisbane with 13.1% and Perth with 12.4%.
  • Pay TV: Nine won with 23.2%, from Ten on 22.1%, Seven with 19.9%, the ABC on 15.3%, Pay TV’s 100 plus channels was on 13% and SBS with 3.8%. That’s a share of 87% for the 12 FTA channels, made up of 10% for the seven digitals and 77% for the five main channels.
  • Regional: A win for WIN/NBN with 29.2%, from Prime/7Qld with 22.7%, SC Ten on 21.1%, the ABC with 20.1% and SBS with 4.4%. WIN/NBN won the main channels from Prime/7Qld and SC Ten. GO won the digitals with 4.1%, from ONE on 1.8% and 7TWO with 1.7%.

Major Markets: The success of Junior MasterChef didn’t necessarily translate to every market. In Perth and Melbourne it got very good figures, in other markets it was good. ONE was strong because of its live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix F1 race which saw Mark Webber finish 6th and regain the lead.

  • Sydney: Nine won from Seven and Ten overall and in the main channels with the Junior MasterChef winning, but not as strong as in Melbourne. GO won the digitals from ONE and 7TWO.
  • Melbourne: Ten won Melbourne from Nine and Seven in both the overall and main channels. ONE won the digitals from GO and 7TWO. Junior MasterChef averaged 774,000 viewers last night, far more than in the AFL finals at the weekend.
  • Brisbane: Nine won from Ten and Seven overall, but in the main channels it was still Nine, but Ten and Seven tied for second. GO won the digitals from ONE and 7TWO.
  • Adelaide: A win overall to Nine from Ten and Seven, but in the main channels it was Ten from Nine and Seven. GO won the digitals from ONE and 7TWO.
  • Perth: It was Ten from Seven and Nine overall and in the main channels, while in the digitals it was ONE from GO and 7TWO.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight All People)

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Nine won overall, Seven won the main channels, GO won the digitals. Nine won Sydney and Brisbane by big margins because of the NRL finals on Friday and Saturday nights. WIN/NBN won the regionals for the same reasons.

Footy finals:

  • On Friday night the Cats-Dockers AFL final averaged 485,000 in Melbourne and 345,000 in Perth.
  • The NRL final on Friday between the Auckland Warriors and Gold Coast Titans averaged 441,000 in Sydney and 318,000 in Brisbane.
  • On Saturday the AFL final between the Swans and the Dogs averaged 497,000 in Melbourne, and just 87,000 in Sydney.
  • The first of the two NRL finals between Easts and the Tigers averaged 471,000 in Sydney and 224,000 in Brisbane.
  • The second final between The Canberra Raiders and the Penrith Panthers averaged 254,000 in Sydney and 209,000 in Brisbane.
  • Yesterday’s fourth final between St George and Manly averaged 389,000 in Sydney and 193,000 in Brisbane.
  • The Rugby Union Test averaged 152,000 in Sydney and 122,000 in Brisbane. Overall it averaged 316,000 nationally, with 102,000 watching it on Fox Sports in the metro markets.

TONIGHT: Back to back to back news and current affairs on the ABC. Australian Story on reporter Michael Ware might be the highlight at 8pm. Seven has Criminal Minds. Ten has The 7pm Project and then Good News Week, Nine has the fading Rescue Special Ops. Man Vs. Wild on SBS is a repeat.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports