Wilson “Ironbar” Tuckey officially broke the internet yesterday when he announced during a press conference that he was going to start a blog.

The former renegade MP for O’Connor — who was booted out by WA Nationals candidate Tony Crook three weeks ago — has a colourful history to say the least. Tuckey’s views on everything from climate change to the stolen generation are typically controversial and always provocative.

His nickname alone — earned after a convicted assault charge as publican of a rough pub back in the ’60s — ensures we will definitely be adding his blog to our RSS feeds. For car crash value at the very least.

So what will Ironbar blog about? And what will he call this online outlet for his thoughts? Crikey caught up with the man himself to discuss all things Tuckey 2.0.

So, we saw yesterday that you were starting a blog?

Well you know, I wanted to keep my brain working. I think it’s a means by which I can express my point of view on issues in the community. When I hold a view about something I want to talk about it and I find it will be easier to do when I can’t be held accountable as an MP or have people ringing up the leader to ask about what I’m saying. My views aren’t necessarily radical, but they’re usually different to what a lot of people believe.

Why a blog?

Well, when you put out a press releases it is beholden to media, but if you do a blog it’s up to people to take an interest if they wish.

What kind of things will you post about? Are there any issues that you want to get off your chest?

It’s a case of what turns up at different times. I have some very strong views on the issue of Aboriginal rights. That whole land rights issues is a dog’s breakfast it’s not doing anybody any good. I’d also want to talk about climate change, where you’ve got an argument going on in Canberra at the moment. Those are the sorts of things that I want to talk about.

Do you have any favourite blogs at the moment? What do you read online?

I don’t read a lot of stuff online. I used to rely on my very competent staff to keep my updated, but a) I haven’t got them any more and b) I have a lot more spare time now. You know, this isn’t going to happen overnight. I’m going to have to do a bit of research into presentation and so on, but I have been a prolific letter writer to newspapers over the years.

Do you use a computer very often?

Not a great deal, but my kids are all very competent. I can get along with the basic tasks, but it’s more a case of presentation. I still write by hand, so I’m going to have to learn to think and type at the same time.

Do you have any idea what you will name the blog?

Well I’m going to have to register the name of the blog, but I’m thinking of going with ‘Ironbar’…

Well speaking of names, we’ve got some suggestions: ‘Talkin’ Tuckey’, ‘What ya talkin’ about, Wilson?’, ‘Roast Tuckey’, ‘The Tuckshop’, ‘Keep on Tuckin’, ‘The Tuckey Country’, ‘Tit for Tuck’. What do you reckon?

(Laughs.) Oh well they’d all attract a bit of interest. But no, it would have to be ‘Ironbar’. That’s what I’m known as and that’s what I’m thinking will work.

Perhaps we could email you some of the suggestions from our readers …

Look I’m going to have to go, I’ve got a radio interview coming up. See ya later.

Do you have a better name than Ironbar for Wilson Tuckey’s blog? Email us at [email protected] with your brain waves. Winner gets a prize pack.