Sep 10, 2010

Gillard thanked us for being fair and balanced: The Oz editor

The Australian editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell claims Julia Gillard praised the paper's "fair and balanced coverage", dismissing renewed criticism from Bob Brown and press gallery veterans over its editorial agenda.

Jason Whittaker — Former <em>Crikey</em> editor and publisher

Jason Whittaker

Former Crikey editor and publisher

The Australian editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell claims Julia Gillard has praised the paper’s “fair and balanced coverage”, dismissing renewed criticism from Bob Brown and press gallery veterans over its editorial agenda.

Crikey contacted Mitchell for a response to the Australian Financial Review‘s Laura Tingle who, in her column today, wrote of The Australian‘s “anti-government position” and “ferocious and apparently continuing campaign” against the government’s legitimacy.

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136 thoughts on “Gillard thanked us for being fair and balanced: The Oz editor

  1. David

    I cannot believe my eyes…I will have to read this again and return…am utterly dumbfounded, completely………………………….

  2. Jim Reiher

    The most bias reporting will always see itself as “balanced” and everyone else disfunctional.

    This astonishing admission by the Australian that they want to see the Greens destroyed is so blatant and arrogant that they really have lost all perspective. How can anyone not admit that this paper is nothing more than propaganda for the conservative side of politics. Honest reporting? Not with the Australian.

  3. Andrew Litvak

    There’s another organisation in the News Ltd stable that calls itself “fair and balanced”. And given their track record over in the US, let’s just be thankful The Australian has such a low readership (and no broadcast TV channel).

  4. Damien

    I really hope Julia didn’t call the Editor of The Australian as you described. You can’t appease these people – they’re rabid. That course leads only to destruction.

    The Government has to get fair dinkum about the Murdoch media. They ought to quietly stop running individual job ads in The Australian and instead run one quarter-page ad every Saturdaystating that all APS vacancies can be found online. Let’s see how the national broadsheet likes losing $10 million per year. Then they ought to start publicly calling those rags on their blatant bias and misrepresentation of events – every time and at every opportunity – including in answer to questions in Parliament and MPIs. The Government has got to take News on. Success is not guaranteed if they do but failure is guaranteed if they don’t stand up for themselves.

  5. David

    After reading Jason’s article a second time I am now fully convinced The Australian editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell requires therapy sessions, many of them. He is a sick individual. I will be emailing Ms Gillard to ascertain she did say to Mitchell all that he implies.
    If she did I cannot imagine what she is playing at. Good for Bob Brown, get up him Bob you owe the OZ nothing. The only politician in News Ltd debt is the Coalition.
    I wonder why this amazing revealation is not being trumpeted all over the media, including their ABC. Probably because it is so laughable it cannot be serious.

  6. denise allen

    If she did – she was just being nice….and hoping that by doing so they may in turn be nicer to her…but I doubt it very much.

  7. David

    @ Andrew Litvak…regretfully Andrew News Ltd do have a TV station in Australia. Sky Channel is partly owned by Foxtel another Murdoch enterprise. They are as biased as News Ltd media.

  8. Aphra

    My view is that The Australian, while promoting Abbott’s team to an uncomfortable degree (nothing fair and balanced, here) did not direct its prejudices towards Julia Gillard, personally, unlike some of those in the more ‘respectable’ media.

    I’ve been surprised, as have quite a few others, at the subtle anti-Gillard stance of some of those whom we might have expected to support her. No, not merely because she’s a woman, but because as a woman she’s proving more competent, measured and of sterner political stuff than nearly all others. Really, her sex shouldn’t count against her.

    If she did indeed ring The Australian I can understand why.

  9. shepherdmarilyn

    Chris Mitchell and the editorial team decided to take a side swipe at little old nobody me last year because I sent them the actual refugee law of the land when they were stridently and abusively calling for the genocidal practice of push backs of refugees by sea.

    When I sent him a copy of a letter from Chris Evans telling him the law again, after the Press council found the editorial to be out of line and inaccurate, he said I was partisan.

    As if I made the frigging law and was the entire high court who held it to be valid.

    The coverage has been appalling with only VanOnselen and Steketee offering up anything remotely non-partisan.

    Must go and find a fin review.

  10. michaelwholohan1

    He/She who reads the Oz, reads trash. One can only hope that the “News Of The World” fracas will see Rupert’s rump in a sling.

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