Sep 9, 2010

The WikiLeaks / Assange plot thickens

WikiLeaks' frontman Julian Assange has told Crikey that he still has has not been informed of alleged "new information" that the prosecution service claims led to the reopening of rape investigations.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


WikiLeaks frontman Julian Assange, accused of harassment and facing a reopened investigation into rape charges, has sacked his lawyer Leif Silberksy, and hopes to be represented by Bjorn Hurtig, another high-profile defender.

Assange told Crikey he still has not been informed of alleged “new information” that the prosecution service claims led to the reopening of rape investigations. The prosecution service is due to make an announcement next week, and the court has to approve Assange’s change of legal team.

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40 thoughts on “The WikiLeaks / Assange plot thickens

  1. paddy

    Glad you’re on the case Guy.
    This one just gets Curiouser and curiouser.
    The backgrounding on the Swedish “establishment” is very useful to those of us on the other side of the planet.
    The whole business smells as fishy as a rollmop.

  2. Acidic Muse

    Yes, this is what a politically driven smear campaign looks like but surely no one is surprised it’s happening?

    Hopefully Julian can remain cool calm and collected and just ride it out. There is absolutely no point whatsoever speculating about a deeper covert or intelligence driven conspiracy theory until the evidence has actually been presented

    In the meantime Birgit Jonsdottir certainly isn’t doing the Wikileaks brand any favours calling for a leaker (real or contrived) within the whistle-blower organisation to be putted.

  3. Socratease

    I can’t pretend to follow the legal side of this. I would have thought that Assange, assuming he’s innocent, should have his own attack dogs yelling loudly and constantly ‘put up or shut up’ to every Swedish bureaucrat involved.

    In other words, bring on the formal charges.

  4. Troy C

    If Mr Rundle has some evidence that these two ladies are liars, he should tell us about it. Otherwise, he should shut-up. Belittling rape victims is sad, to say the least, but not unexpected from someone on the political Left.

  5. Tess Lawrence

    Onya Guy, thanks for your incisive analyses and for including Assange’s TV4 comments. Your last 5 salient pars are spot on. The truth does not always
    set one free. Sometimes it imprisons us.
    Tess Lawrence. Journalist/Advocate. Les adultes terribles.

  6. Sausage Maker

    This smells like classic COINTELPRO. Credit to the US spy agencies for pulling it off. While I admire and respect what wikileaks does if they (specifically Assange) didn’t see this coming then they are incredibly naive and have a lot to learn.

    I’m guessing Assange and Wikileaks after the release of those thousands of documents and all the rubbish written about the US government attacking wikileaks directly by arresting Assange or physically shutting down the servers got fooled into thinking that their attackers would be coming in from the front door.

    Naive, very naive.

  7. Richard Wilson

    Re: Ardin has not only worked as an intern in the Swedish foreign affairs department, including a tour of DC and Cuba (from which she was allegedly deported), but has also interned on the op-ed page of the Gothenburg afternoon paper GT, part of the Expressen stable, owned by the right-wing Bonnier family (yep, Sweden has right-wingers).

    This kind of background has all the hallmarks of “agent”. I think Wiki might like to run a full background check on this person for the sake of “transparency”.

    And in that vein, I am sure that Wiki might be able to assemble some very interesting background on Ms. Ny as well.

    The “rat” is really starting to go off now and that bastion of “free speech” Sweden, is in danger of losing credibility not only internationallly but more importantly domestically.

  8. davidk

    I never doubted that this was a set up. Far far far too coincidental following as it does the argument with the US militar,y but no doubt it will influence some. Not mentioning any names Troy C.

  9. [email protected]

    “Belittling rape victims is sad, to say the least, but not unexpected from someone on the political Left.”

    Yep, here in our inner suburban, green, progressive, left bubble we sit around sipping lattes and….belittling rape victims. Sometimes it takes all day.

  10. Oscar Jones

    Troy C demonstrates that just an accusation is enough in these days of sex hysteria.

    They are not ‘rape victims’ Troy. They are alleged victims.

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