Our breakfast wrap — a regular crunch of fresh political commentary just in — today carries the headline: ‘Cracks emerge in the Labor-Green alliance‘.

A few sharp readers have taken us to task for that headline. We’ll let them tell you why…

Boris Kelly:

…The media is now on hyper-vigilant ‘crack alert’ (a colourful term, I admit) which conveniently ignores the collaborative, consultative nature of minority governments. Much froth and bubble will characterise reporting of this period of government simply because the media is incapable of eschewing mindless reductionism in favour of commentary that actually supports the democratic process. The co-dependence of corporatist politics and the mass media has seldom been more evident.

The man on the clapham omnibus:

…Any media articles that talk about ‘backflips’ should definitely be taken with a grain of salt and viewed in the context of this new situation.

Dr Strangelove:

…What hogwash — Brown’s message is that the Parliament can work together to pass legislation that is best for the country, with or without the government.

Just because the executive doesn’t have as much control over the legislative agenda, doesn’t mean its unstable — it means Parliament is working how it is supposed to.


…there is a permanent crack that must be bridged by hard work and diplomacy for the government to achieve anything at all. Are you going to report this every time? How brain numbing that will be. Oh look the government has to appease someone to pass something.

In our defence, the wrap is meant to capture what other commentators are saying, but still … part of this brave new world is resisting the urge to seek the snappy headline in everything. It mightn’t be as sexy, but the media’s approach to this complex political dynamic is going to have to be a lot more nuanced. Us included.