In our ‘Tips and rumours’ commentary published on our website on September 1, 2010 we published a claim that an employee of the Australian Electoral Commission who was responsible for “inadvertently” opening a pre-poll ballot box before 6pm on election night (thereby rendering the votes unusable) was linked to the SA Labor Party and that the particular pre-poll box, being from a Liberal area, was “deliberately chosen” in order to exclude non-Labor votes.

This was described in the item as a “ruse” with the intention of changing the election result, both in Boothby and nationally. It was also suggested this was a “police” matter.

Crikey accepts there is no evidence to suggest that this AEC employee was in any way linked to the SA Labor Party and, equally, no basis to suggest that the opening of the pre-poll ballot box was deliberate, or predicated upon a Liberal voting area.

Crikey accepts that such suggestions were completely without foundation. It unreservedly apologises to any officials within the Labor Party that suffered hurt as a result of the item.