The independents decide? Rob Oakeshott has decided to support Julia Gillard and Bob Katter and Tony Windsor will support Tony Abbott. Andrew Wilkie will be the deciding factor.

Slipper’s hold slipping. There is another possible by-election which is slipping below the mainstream media’s radar. In the seat of Fisher, the incumbent Peter Slipper is being pursued by the local Sunshine Coast Daily over his  drain on the public purse. The Daily obviously know more than they are printing or are able to print. There are many rumours circulating about why Slipper makes so many diversions to Sydney.

The LNP had a “grandfather” clause which guaranteed Slipper his pre-selection even though many local LNP members didn’t support him. Moves were made to have him replaced by Mal Brough who will undoubtedly be the LNP candidate next time. It is unlikely that Slipper can explain his extraordinary expenses and a by-election in the current federal situation could have interesting repercussions.