New South Wales

Sep 2, 2010

Nile’s porn excuse doesn’t hold water

We shouldn't be surprised that Christian Democrat leader Fred Nile was fingered as the Legislative Council’s biggest accessor of porn. US research has shown that social conservatives are the heaviest consumers of online pornography.

Stilgherrian — Technology writer and broadcaster


Technology writer and broadcaster

NSW Ports Minister Paul McLeay shouldn’t be surprised he was caught accessing – such a delightfully non-judgemental word – pornography via his parliamentary computer. Nor should we be surprised that Christian Democrat leader Fred Nile was fingered as the Legislative Council’s biggest accessor of porn.


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21 thoughts on “Nile’s porn excuse doesn’t hold water

  1. David Sanderson

    “Fingered”? Red-handed maybe?

    Err, yuk.

  2. Holden Back

    Shadenfreude : a dessert wine best served cold?

  3. Syd Walker

    Very uncharitable of you Stig 🙂

    Accordingto veteran academic researcher Milton Diamond of the University of Hawaii “researchers have found that as pornography has increased in availability, sex crimes have either decreased or not increased.”

    Maybe Fred’s office is just doing its bit to reduce sex crime in the over-excited atmosphere of the NSW Parliament, where someone seems to have put viagra in the water supply.

    Actually, I think it’s great Labor’s Legislative Council President and Fred Nile both agree that accessing pornography should not of itself be grounds for dismissal – and that thorough research requires unfiltered access to the internet. 🙂

    See “New South Wales: two sides of a sex-obsessed Parliament” at

  4. sickofitall

    One of the major collectors of pornography is the Rev. he carries it around to show how disgusting and perverted it is… erm, thanks, Fred: I’m pretty aware of what’s in it…

  5. John

    When I was young and single and attended gay bars, I would occasionally see someone there who I previously assumed was straight. I would say hello, but sometimes they dived straight back into the closet with the lame excuse that I should not misunderstand their presence, as they were only at the bar to do research for a book they were thinking of writing.

    Sounds similar to Fred’s excuse.

    Dirty old man!

  6. Shermozle

    While I sure hope that it turns out Nile has been visiting several times a day throughout his parliamentary career, I suspect the answer might end up being much more prosaic.

    Much malware uses “porn” hosting environments, so a virus infected PC could quite easily be hitting suspect domain names.

    Note to MPs: don’t use your government-supplied computer. Mobile broadband, paid by yourself, isn’t that expensive. Seriously!

  7. Gareth Perkins

    Elaine must ban it at home.

  8. Chris Johnson

    Years ago I saw the contents of Fred’s briefcase and wondered why porn and sex aids were accoutrements to political and religious life. Since then I’ve had my own views about the so-called good Reverend – none of which recommends either of his professions.

  9. CarlitosM

    What! “research” NOT a good enough excuse for checking out porn?!
    But then how are we to find out what you should NOT have access to?

  10. Liz45

    @SICKOFITALL – Twenty or more years ago, a radio presenter made the same observation – it was a badly kept secret around my way???? Looks like Fred hasn’t changed his modis operandi! His attempts at trying to explain it away were pathetic. I’m not as expert as many re IT, but with my TAFE courses and experience, I knew he was talking rubbish! We’re not conned, Fred!

    @JOHN – the serious, and sad thing about what you say, is that the rest of the community have made this situation a reality, via their homophobic attitudes. A sad indictment on a bigoted and hateful society. Fred Nile lost the vote in Parlt, re same sex couples adopting kids, so that renews my faith – we’re moving forward(oops) at last!

    Incidently, a wonderful Minister of the Uniting Church called, Gordon Bradbury(Wollongong) went public on Monday in support of the Resolution, unlike Pell, Jensen and Nile plus other bigots! Gordon is a wonderful, compassionate and decent man-one of the few religious that I have any time for! I’m anti religion these days!

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