Katterlist — get it? Get it …? A nice front-page screamer on the Townsville Bulletin today — but is it a little insulting the paper didn’t believe its audience knew what the word catalyst meant?

1-09-2010 11-10-32 AM

Vox Pop of the Day. The Geelong Advertiser took to the streets to find out what the people thought about becoming a Republic. To be fair, if most Australians don’t know the answer, what chance do the Chinese stand?


Going after the little guy

“To put it mildly, Dean Mostofi is a minor player in the blogosphere. A self-employed loan auditor in Rockville, Md., Mostofi maintains a primitive website where he posts press releases and newspaper articles about the financial industry, the law and other things that interest him.” — Poynter Online

Regional television dudded again

“Regional viewers look to be left digitally dudded once again with Southern Cross Media Group (SCMG) refusing to commit to ELEVEN, the Ten Network’s new digital channel set to launch in Q1 of 2011.” — Media Spy

Fine line for the media in Afghanistan

“So-called ’embedding’, the term for the practice by which journalists have been allowed to accompany allied troops in the Iraq and Afghan wars, is not just a way for the military to manage information but is an unspoken compact with the media that helps sustain the conflicts themselves.” — Journalism.com.uk

Apple’s product galaxy set to expand

“Apple will hold a press conference Wednesday, where Steve Jobs is expected to announce the birth of new stars in his product galaxy, including (probably) new iPods and (possibly) a successor to Apple TV.” — Wired

Twitter experiment not so wise

Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise has been suspended from the newspaper for one month over a ‘horrendous mistake’ he made on Twitter.” — Huffington Post

The Social Network makes use of Facebook

“Facebook loves Hollywood ad dollars, except in the case of one particular film. That would be The Social Network, the upcoming film best known as ‘The Facebook Movie’. — All Things Digital