Tony Abbott, Coalition leader, potential Prime Minister, currently negotiating with the four independent MPs in order to obtain minority government, six days ago:

“I make the point that I think we can have a kinder, gentler polity … I think we can be a more collegial polity than we’ve been.”

An alleged phone conversation between a senior Liberal and Independent Rob Oakeshott’s wife, three days ago:

Senior Liberal MP: “Is daddy there?”

Sarah Oakeshott: “Who is speaking?

Senior Liberal MP: “Tell him it’s the Devil. Ha, ha, ha.”

Later again, Rob Oakeshott, Independent Member for Lyne and one of the key players set to decide who will form minority government, in reference to the fact that the Liberal MP had then apologise via text, explaining to the Oakeshotts that he thought it was one of their young children on the phone:

“I wonder what is going on.”

Minutes ago, Philip Coorey, The Sydney Morning Herald:

“NSW Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan has been outed: he was the mystery politician who rang the independent MP Rob Oakeshott and claimed to be ‘the devil’.”

It was a standard joke Senator Heffernan makes when he rings people.”

We’re with you Rob, we also wonder what is going on.