Rural pollies make global headlines. What does the world make of Bob Katter? His trademark cowboy hat was dominating the international edition of the New York Times website this morning …

26-08-2010 8-10-50 AM

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about Satin Watch... Wendy Kingston offers a worthy nomination on Nine News.


The best websites of 2010

“From the helpful to the distracting, the big hitters to the unknowns, TIME offers a road map to the best of the web.” — Time

Washington Times thanks God for survival

“The executive editor of The Washington Times says the owner of the financially troubled newspaper has reached a preliminary agreement to sell the paper to a company affiliated with the Unification Church.” — Huffington Post

Do you hear that? The sound of girls’ hearts breaking

“Hamish & Andy are quitting their nationally syndicated Today Network drivetime show — the most listened to in Australia — the duo have announced.” — Mumbrella

Oodles and oodles of Google

“[Tech Crunch’s] comprehensive record of the search giant’s [Google] ploy for world domination, or whatever they’re calling it these days.” — Tech Crunch

Yahoo for Facebook!

“Shareholder trading values Facebook at more than $33 billion … With shares selling for up to $76, investors are calculating social networking site is worth nearly twice as much as Yahoo!” — The Guardian