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Aug 26, 2010

That other former Labor leader…

He's feisty, he's a pugilist, a former Labor leader and he lives, mainly, in his own political past. The most exciting ex-leader in Australia is Paul Keating, and he's at it again today.

He’s feisty, he’s a pugilist, a former Labor leader and he lives, mainly, in his own political past.


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5 thoughts on “That other former Labor leader…

  1. mark

    Dont understand why do you attack Paul on this one. In both situations he was responding to the other’s public utterances.

    And he is quite right to say that it is the person who has attained the public position and then stakes that position on giving voice to a particular stance that should rightly get any bouquets just as they get the brickbats. I’m sure Watson writes a good line but he is a backroom boy and that’s where he should stay.

  2. Rewi Lyall

    Well, actually, he does, doesn’t he?

    Urban planning in Sydney would be one.

    Privacy laws another.

    I’m sure there must be others.

  3. Dr Rapunzel

    Is Crikey suggesting that Paul Keating is less entitled than anyone else to correct perceived inaccuracies in reporting about his time in office because of his personality? Why is that? Surely not because he is feisty, articulate and unapologetic? Damn, an Australian public figure who refuses to fake humility. Unforgiveable.

    History is ultimately created/written from analysis of the public record and what is available of private records, so Mr Keating is forced respond to “the public utterances” ( thanks Mark) that he disagrees with, or contests. If he does not respond he would effectively be endorsing what he considers inaccurate reports. I think in debating this is known as rebuttal.

  4. cairns50

    mr sole subscriber, do not you understand that paul keating is not an elected person any more

    so if he were to start commenting on the issues of the day im sure crikey, not long after the bastards at news limited, they would surely be first, would be one of the news organisations to tell him to shut up

    what mr keating is doing, and what he is entitled to do, is to challenge those who lie or try to besmirch his legacy as a truly great australian prime minister

  5. Truth hurts

    Yeah, but you know, Paul Keating is right…..

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