Aug 13, 2010

Latham head clown in this election circus

Daily Media Wrap: It's a fairly plain bowl of muesli in this morning's media coverage, with Mark Latham adding the prerequisite nuts to yesterday's campaign trail mix and a dollop of tax policy to taste.

Amber Jamieson — Freelance journalist in New York

Amber Jamieson

Freelance journalist in New York

It’s a fairly plain bowl of muesli in this morning’s media coverage, with Mark Latham adding the prerequisite nuts to yesterday’s campaign trail mix and a dollop of tax policy to taste.

If you haven’t watched the excruciating footage of Sky News covering Mark Latham the journo covering Tony Abbott, may I suggest you go watch it immediately, even if it’s eight minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

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25 thoughts on “Latham head clown in this election circus

  1. Robertson

    Wonder if he will tip on Gillard on Sunday with the Craig Emerson affair reported in the Womens Weekly?

    And then let fly at Abbott over the Pauline Hanson stuff

    should make riverting viewing

  2. David Sanderson

    The most peculiar thing about this morning election news is the minimal coverage of the Morgan poll. This poll has labor streaking ahead 57.5-42.5. Sure, it may be a rogue, an outlier, or an infernal product from the witches in Macbeth but it does nevertheless indicate that Labor is continuing to gain ground.

    It should be big news, why is it being ignored?

  3. zut alors

    David S,

    Why, indeed. Nothing short of a mystery.

    On Latham: who thought any being could come close to the pure embarrassment engendered in Australians by the Nine Network’s Sam Newman? I’m not claiming Latham is as grotesque as Newman but he appears destined for the same league. It says everything about the Nine Network that these two imbeciles have been invited onto their payroll. To call Newman and Latham ‘halfwits’ is too generous.

  4. Tomboy

    David Sanderson,

    Yeah – agree completely. Heard it on the 5:30 news on 2UE this morning, then nothing. Can’t even find reference to it on the web now, except on Crikey!

  5. zut alors


    There was a discussion on the poll on ABC2 News Breakfast but, apparently, silence elsewhere.

  6. Michael

    What a wonderfully bizarre lot you journalists are.
    The way you all go “girlie” at Latham who is probably the most refreshing interviewer we have seen since Norman Gunstan . It’s embarrassing for a profession (Gfawww!!) that purports to occupy the 4th Estate – whatever that means.

    Latham is interesting
    Latham is funny
    Latham is knowledgeable
    Latham has a sense of humor
    Latham means ratings
    Latham is intense

    Something that all of you can only dream about.

  7. apeman

    There’s a vid of the poll story on the national times website, but very strange regarding its absence elsewhere. sure it may be wrong, but it tells a story, especially about growing support for the ALP in Qld after the Rudd/Gillard treaty.

    Maybe it just doesn’t fit the narrative (whatever that may be this morning).

    Good to see Latham using his powers for good instead of evil, reminding the wingnuts of what Abbott did to Hanson. Sneaky. Now lets hope he has sense enough not to stuff up the ALP launch. A forlorn hope I suppose, he seems to be out of control and his Channel 9 paymasters are loving it.

  8. David Sanderson

    The NewRadio website has a good discussion with a Morgan rep.

  9. Troy C

    It should be big news, why is it being ignored?

    For those with long memories, rewind to 2001. A Morgan poll, at a similar stage of the election campaign, found roughly the same result (about 57-43 Labor’s way). I remember it well. It freaked me out because I’d placed a sizeable bet on Howard winning that one. As all know, Howard won that election, the poll was rogue, and I’ve taken Morgan polls with a grain of salt ever since.

  10. Troy C

    reminding the wingnuts of what Abbott did to Hanson. Sneaky.

    You’re not pro-Hanson, are you?

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