Gambling is for idiots. Gambling on horses and dogs on the basis of the relevence of their names to this federal election campaign is for people who wear aluminium foil on their heads and enjoy the musical work of William Shatner. I am, apparently, one of those people.

Despite this, I managed to pick one winner yesterday — Politicalquickstep — which saluted on my $1 each way bet, gathering me a $4.40 windfall. Which means I am now only $5.60 in the red.

So what does Politicalquickstep’s victory mean for this election? I’m sure there is a Tony Abbott attempting to bounce an AFL football at Windy Hill metaphor somewhere…

So here are today’s tips. I’m liking Red White ‘N’ Blue at Ipswich — the colours of the PM’s Western Bulldogs. And Dashing Christian at Harold Park — because Abbott certainly is…

All bets are $1 each way.


  • RED WHITE ‘N’ BLUE  $5.50 Ipswich R2 – 9, 5 STAR IPSWICH SPORTS F&M MDN, 1100m , 1:42 PM


  • ALL PROMISES  $3.50 Albion Park R2 – 7, C7/12 PCE MS, 1660m , 7:54 PM
  • OVERSPEND  $5.50 Tamworth R2 – 10, THE PUB 4YO+ C0 PCE MS, 1980m , 2:46 PM
  • DASHING CHRISTIAN  $2.80 Harold Park R5 – 3, CHANGEOVER 3YO C0/4 PCE MS, 2160m , 8:30 PM
  • TONY BOY $31 Albion Park R6 – 1, CLM PCE MS, 2138m , 9:55 PM

The tally:

I took a $5.60 hit yesterday and with today’s $10 investment I am now down $15.60. C’mon Tony Boy!

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