Aug 10, 2010

Departing ALP member tells of deep Zionist influence in party

The departing Labor member for Fowler, Julia Irwin, has revealed the deep influence of the Zionist lobby on the ALP and the inner workings of her party towards the Middle East.

Antony Loewenstein

Journalist and author

The departing Labor member for Fowler, Julia Irwin, has revealed the deep influence of the Zionist lobby on the ALP and the inner workings of her party towards the Middle East in an exclusive interview with Crikey.

Irwin says Israel must engage with Hamas, argues that the two-state solution may be a lost cause, remains open to backing a cultural and academic boycott of Israel and provides unprecedented details about the Zionist lobby’s capture of newly minted Labor MPs.

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10 thoughts on “Departing ALP member tells of deep Zionist influence in party

  1. yossi.goldfarb

    “How can such a people condone the oppression of others?”, asks Julia Irwin. Nothing like a little bit of collective blame hey Julia?

    I’m Jewish and question Israel’s actions often. I don’t however think that destroying Israel by wondering if the two-state solution has “passed the point of no return” is helpful. Ironically, immediate engagement with Hamas to the extent Irwin suggests would hastily result in the oppression of the 5-6 million Jewish residents of Israel. Hamas’ record on human rights and anti-semitism is far from exemplary.

    As for Irwin’s private dinner accusations, I’m surprised Antony Lowenstein didn’t include a quote from Irwin stating that some of her best friends are Jewish.

  2. Stephen Wong

    Thank you, Julia. Shame on the Labor Party.

  3. Bela

    The reason there is bipartisan support for Israel in Australian politics is painfully obvious – it is a democratic state, which allows Palestinians resident there to have more freedom and participation in that democracy than they would get in Gaza or the West Bank under Hamas, which as Julia Irwin undoubtedly knows, is a terrorist organisation proscribed by the United Nations.

    To compare Israel today with apartheid South Africa is about as disingenuous as you can get. I mean, does she know that Palestinians have the right to vote in Israel and some are actually members of the Knesset?

    Israel is far from perfect, but Hamas is simply appalling on every measure of social inclusion. Negotiating with them would be like negotiating with the Taliban – impossible since they are absolutist (and unapologetic) in their desire to destroy Israel and replace it with a male dominated theocratic state.

    Until there is a credible leadership in the Palestinian community with whom to negotiate a settlement, the Israelis will not trade their security for approval from the likes of Julia Irwin.

  4. j.oneill

    It was obvious the day after Gillard became prime minister that there would be no change in policy toward the rogue state of Israel. One could not claim to be surprised. Australian governments from 1948 onwards have shown a blind adherence to acts of international criminality by Israel. No other country is in defiance of so many UN resolutions as Israel. No other country in the Middle East regularly attacks or threatens to attack its neighbours. No other country is in wilful defiance of the World Court. No other country systematically discriminates against its non-Jewish citizens. No other country has a large nuclear arsenal but refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty thereby permitting inspections.
    Australia’s voting record in the UN on resolutions relating to Israel is a disgrace. Yet I suspect the Australian public is largely unaware of that record because the mainstream media is a willing accomplice in excusing Israeli criminality and providing newspace for Israel’s apologists to repeat ad nauseum Tel Aviv’s talking points.
    There is a mountain of evidence to suggest that ALP and Coalition politicians take early trips to Israel. They call them “fact finding” missions, but the truth is more likely that they receive their orders, backed up by the usual threats from the US for non-compliance.
    One really does wonder who runs this country and on whose behalf.

  5. davidk

    Israel is an apartheid state Bela whether you accept it or not. I am dismayed but unsurprised by the revelations in this piece.

  6. Vincent Matthews

    If only the Real Julia had the same clean, uncorrupted beliefs of Ms Irwin. A belief in the rights of all people even if they are Palestinians on the extended borders of Israel. The Jewish lobbies here and in the US have different beliefs and they are based on the experience that money can buy any opinion or political party policy. Never do these defenders of the Israeli government ever recognise that the Palestinians are human beings suffering grave injustice. Netanyahu is now deporting hundreds of Arab children from the country they were born in, Israel, because this fanatic wants to ensure Israel is an only-Jewish state. Thankfully there are Jews of the intellectual calibre and honesty of Antony Lowwenstein to give us hope. Members of these Jewish lobbies may one day realise that Israeli’s rulers have fostered a spread of anti-semitism in the world. They may also realise there’s a limit to what money can buy.

  7. Lady White Peace

    What a pity that Israel with its amazing cultural heritage its people of great genius has not yet understood that
    violence will only reap more violence.

    A wonderful opportunity exists for Israel to be a light unto the world in its handling of this crisis, it could and can use love and care, compassion and understanding, and it could and can win the hearts and minds of Palestinians.

    A missed opportunity for them to do much good to many.

    And yet there is still time for Israel to be that light in the Middle East – all they have to do is to listen to their collective heart.


  8. SD

    Thanks Julia for having the courage to speak out. Isn’t it sad and pathetic that ALP politicians are willing to sell their principles and so cheaply too.

  9. Caroline Graham

    I regret the fact that Julia Irwin is leaving the ALP – but not surprised. The current leadership is hopelessly pro-Israel but it was always thus, ever since Dr Evatt played a major part in the partition of Palestine and the creation of Israel at the UN (how generous we were in giving away s0meone else’s country – but how short-sighted). A high point for Zionists was Bob Hawke’s elevation to the leadership, aided by generous donations from the Zionist lobby. Hawke went on special missions for them and was duchessed in Israel, with the usual forest named after him. Blanche also had a lengthy stay in Israel when Hawke became PM, putting her out of temptation’s way – her 1986 novel “Winter in Jersualem” was the rather forgettable though not totally biased, result. Dunno who paid. All I can say, from my own years in the ALP, is that some in the left faction are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, though usually very low-key since, as Julia Irwin knows all too well, it has been the kiss of death in the Party. This too will change as Israel’s persecution of the Palestinians worsens inexorably, so it’s a shame that Irwin can’t hang on in there.

  10. Michael Reich

    Since when, as a general principle, has support or condemnation of a country in the highly politicized U.N. have had any relationship to the condemned countries’ criminality or morality?

    I am amazed that there have not been more U.N. resolutions condemning Israel considering that there are 50 member states that have Islamic majorities. The usual suspects supporting motions condemning Israel, come from such stellar supporters of human rights as Iran, Zimbabwe, Russia , China, Sudan, Saudia Arabia etc. etc.. It is almost a badge of honour to be condemned by such an impressive list of serial abusers of human rights.

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