Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: beware the record of the vanquished

Out of my comfort zone. I confess to being confused about this election. I have been writing about them, and participating in them, federal

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Out of my comfort zone. I confess to being confused about this election. I have been writing about them, and participating in them, federal and state, for nearly 50 years but have not come across anything like this one.  My experience tells me that first-term governments don't lose when economic conditions are basically good. Yet, a first-term government in good economic times that sacks its leaders on the eve of the campaign and then welcomes the vanquished back to campaign on his record? What are the public going to make of that? Frankly, I just don't know. If there is ever going to be an election that a government loses because of its own stupidity, this is it.

Start talking of Labor. One thing the government, all the members of it, should start doing is to talk about the Labor government. Forget this business of always personalising it as the Gillard government.  Having admitted that its not a one-woman band, get less presidential. At least if they call it the Labor government ministers can selectively pick out the good bits from the record of the past three years without having to mention the dreaded Rudd government words.

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2 thoughts on “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: beware the record of the vanquished

  1. klewso

    Mule Skinner Blues.
    How many “first term” governments have allowed the likes of the underachieving, egocentric, myopic, dithering, yet powerhungry, conceited and so limited, “Shorten Arbib” cabal, close enough to the steering wheel to let them run it off the road?
    With this team, allowed their lattitude, however they usurped it, the party has proven not ready to govern.
    Usually a team of asses, when managed properly, could be used to pull you out of the shit – this mob have turned that concept (and the bus) on it’s head!
    The upshot being that, in the wake of their inept stewardship, and because of it, we could have Tony Abbott and his “retreads” dropping their do-nuts and skid marks through the garden.

  2. Terry Simons

    It’s a bit like an episode from “Faulty Towers”; “DON’T MENTION THE WAR”. Tony Abbott and the Coalition are the same people that mislead the Australian public and took the country to war.

    Even though John Howard is gone why have the remaining Coalition members not being scrutinised on their past involvement with the decisions regarding Afghanistan and Iraq. Even if we accept that our military involvement was justified they proved to incompetent in the prosecution of the war and in the post war administration of Iraq. Instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan, the Coalition government joined the invasion of Iraq and put Afghanistan on the back burner. A decision we and Afghanistan are continuing to pay for. There seemed to be no real planning for a post war Iraq, a decision Iraq is still paying for.

    The war in both countries also led to an increase in refugees from both countries. The Coalitions response was and is to demonise the refugees that they helped to create. I come close to throwing up every time I hear a Coalition politician or supporter bemoam the loss of life when a refugee boat sinks. How do they live with themselves when they think of the the tens of thousands that have died because of their incompetence. Or don’t they count.

    The Coalition’s supposed superiority on security matters appears to be largely a result of their propensity to take the country to war after misleading the electorate as to the reason and taking a tough stance on those victims of their policies and incompetence who are unable to fight back.

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