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Aug 2, 2010

The true great debate -- Family First vs. the S-x Party

Bugger the original leaders' debate, watch Fiona Patten from the Australian Sex Party battle it out with Wendy Francis from Family First on Sunrise this morning. From censorshi


Bugger the original leaders’ debate, watch Fiona Patten from the Australian Sex Party battle it out with Wendy Francis from Family First on Sunrise this morning. From censorship to marriage, these two politicians disagree on nearly everything, even without the adjudicating worm.



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16 thoughts on “The true great debate — Family First vs. the S-x Party

  1. Eponymous

    I’m totally biased, but I thought Wendy was absolutely terrible. Rude and interruptive and absolutely incapable of intelligent discourse.

  2. Dan

    Dear oh dear.

    Can we ban “majority of Australians” ever being uttered by political candiates ever again?

  3. Kieran Crichton

    Quote of the clip, around 7:36: Wendy says “I think it’s a free society…”

    What a farce Family First are.

  4. wilful

    Well I hadn’t really considered voting for the Sex Party previously… She’s pretty credible actually.

  5. Jasper Van Kitteh

    why didn’t someone ask to use the ‘condom-of-silence’ this was truely Get Smart territory if Family First joined forces with Mr Blabbot’s Liberal Party they could be the Liberal Family First no Party here Party cos we’ve all gone to church . . . . . oh hang it’d be much more exciting if we had the Liberal-Sex Party Party Party Party then it might just all work out to be a Labor of Love Party

  6. Fireflying

    Fiona said -“The work they do for charity of course remains tax-exempt, the work they do in promoting religion is what I’m saying shouldn’t be tax-exempt”

    Wendy said – “… ah I think it’s a free society”

    Hilarious! Family First got rolled hard; prompt and utter destruction in this debate. Here’s a few more pearls from the Family First (Freedom Last) Party:

    “No… no…. The problem with this Fiona is not actually speaking for the majority of Australians, she is speaking for the sex industry!”

    “And your policies are all about sex!”

    “Talk more about devaluing human lives that’s what you’re saying, you want to talk about devaluing human life!”

    EPIC fail Family First, evidently you find it acceptable to use loaded language, logical fallacies and deceitful misrepresentation of opposing views. My only satisfaction is in knowing that a party like FF will, in time, be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  7. roisinkellygoldsmith

    I wish i could have heard a bit more about what Fiona had to say about the Sex Party, she truly is vibrant in comparison to frumpy grumpy Wendy. It seems that Family First are really losing their dark ages struggle. Thank goodness ‘real Australians’ are beginning to see the light…

  8. Tri$tan

    The Family First Candidate is just stupid:

    “Well I think it’s a free society”… obviouly unless you are gay.

    I’m really struck by how articulate the Sex Party Candidate.

  9. Chris Owens

    Wendy has to be the funniest candidate so far. Family First offer the best don’t they. (Where’s that guy that sent photos of his p*nis to everybody?) Still, I bet she has struck a chord with some of her fellow Queenslanders. Whether it is enough to get her in the senate, I hope not.

  10. oberonsghost

    Why does Family First’s logo remind me of a Bishop’s Mitre? 🙂

  11. Broggly

    You don’t understand. It’s a free society in that you don’t have to pay anything to be a part of it (if you’re a church.)

  12. bartek.klimczak

    Family First our policy is exclusion and hypocrisy…darn that actually has a cool ring to it.

    I love how Christian minorities are convinced that they are THE demographic when really i think the statistic from the last census for regular Australian churchgoers was something pitiful like 15%

    Family First = FAIL

  13. Hojjpoj

    I think Eponymous said it all first up. Wendy Francis seems incapable of even reasonable discourse, let alone intelligent! Fiona’s composure during the constant interruptions was impressive. Love Kochies stunned look at the end!

  14. Lambikins

    quite a clash. While Fiona certainly did shine compared to Wendy and I agree with most of her points in this debate, I wish Wendy could have mounted a better argument against sexually overt advertising – not for the children but for the women it degrades.

  15. roisinkellygoldsmith

    I agree, Wendy missed her opportunity to actually compete on something. In my opinion, this matter does need to be addressed. The times are changin’- eg. just take a look at the David Jones case.
    But just as a trivial fact to add, a ‘four year old child’ cannot read!

  16. micae

    Fiona Patten ftw! At last someone who is humanistic, realistic and in touch with a healthy social conscience: most refreshing.
    If only Labor would support someone like Fiona they would gain some credibility.

    What Wendy Francis of Family First (and we can easily see whose family that is) lacks in loving kindness or even cold rationality is compensated for by some very hilarious and self-revelatory comedy! I was left wondering if Wendy is another symptom of a new pandemic loitering to overcome us all – some kind of Pauline Hanson virus – begone!


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