Jul 30, 2010

In Penrith, Bob aside, who cares?

The marginal seat of Lindsay, in Sydney's outer-west, is crucial to Labor's chances of seeing off a resurgent Liberal Party. Bernard Keane hit the hustings with Bob Hawke.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

It’s a long way out to Penrith from most places in Sydney, even on the motorways that have sprung up to connect the sprawling west of Sydney. You drive at high speed for an hour and, not long before you think you’re about to hit the mountains, there you are.

I’ve come out to see David Bradbury on the stump in Lindsay, the seat he wrested off the Liberals in 2007. With Labor’s mid-year poll slump, it had been written off as likely to return to the Liberals, borne by, in Steve Fielding’s words, the “tsunami of boats” arriving at Christmas Island.

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29 thoughts on “In Penrith, Bob aside, who cares?

  1. antoni

    I am a little confused. It seems everyone cared except the ice-cream guy. Am I missing something or was the temptation of the headline too much?

  2. Stiofan

    “It’s a long way out to Penrith from most places in Sydney”

    FFS, why didn’t you just say that you can’t get a decent cup of coffee in Penrith? This is typical of the Eastern Suburbs view of the world that dominates the Fairfax press (and, therefore, most mainstream commentary on Sydney). And why did you drive to Penrith? The train from Central takes only a hour (or do Crikey’s green credentials not operate west of George Street?).

  3. Acidic Muse

    You spend an entire day driving out to Penrith to get this story, Bernard?

    Are you pitching for a job at Woman’s Weekly or Cosmo FFS

    Didn’t anyone tell you that most western Sydney swing voters decide who they’re going to vote for based on how much they win or lose on the pokies at Rooty Hills RSL or Penrith Panthers the night before the election?

    On week days you can find the plenty of the people most pissed off about Assylum Seekers in any dingy bar or TAB out beyond the Black Stump otherwise known as Paramatta

    I really do hope you’re right about Fiona Scott having already blotted her copybook out there, I’ve already written off as a coalition gain on the basis that at least 50% of the men under 40 will vote for the candidate they consider most “rootable” and 50% of the anglos over 40 actually seem to think that all of their Muslim neighbours arrived on boats.

  4. shepherdmarilyn

    WEll the notion that a boat with a few refugees arriving from Afghanistan or Sri Lanka seriously has anything to do with anyone in Sydney when they are more than 5,000 km away is absurd.

    I saw that silly little girl last night parrot “we have to stop the boats” seemingly without the hint of a clue of what that means.

  5. Stiofan

    @ACIDIC MUSE, I presume that you’re not from Western Sydney. I was educated in a comprehensive in Penrith, and any of the blokes I went to school with would have produced a more literate piece of writing than your garbled rant.

  6. Stiofan

    And it was the voters of Penrith who dumped the Libs because of their anti-Muslim tactics during the last Federal election!

  7. Aphra

    @ShepherdMarilyn – I usually agree with all you say but I cavil at your calling Fiona Scott a ‘silly little girl’. She’s a woman, albeit a conservative one, standing for election to parliament. She has not been a girl, silly or otherwise, since she was 14.

    @Stiofan – I’m with you. I like your phrase ‘eastern suburbs view of the world’, particularly. Some of this country’s eminent men and women hail from this alleged Slough of Despond, the western suburbs of Sydney, not that you’d ever know it from the sneering and supercilious attitude of the MSM amongst others, who really should know better.

  8. Tom

    @APHRA – while I too agree with a majority of the sentiment of what ShepherdMarilyn says, she certainly does have a pretty blunt delivery mechanism. That said, on subject, she’s spot on and I have to say I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  9. Stiofan

    @TOM, so what you’re saying is that it’s OK to make sexist and demeaning comments as long as they’re directed at females who are in the Liberal Party?

  10. Acidic Muse


    Last time I checked, we didn’t have comprehensive schools in Australia so I’m assuming you either you mean Penrith, Cumbria, UK or your a huge fan of Grange Hill.

    The truth in this instance may be a somewhat bitter pill for the bogans of Brisbane and Western Sydney to swallow, but few other Australian’s are in any doubt which particularly psycho demographics are being targeted by both major parties campaigns in the most marginal of outer suburban seats in play.

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