Jul 28, 2010

Cox: the tricky gender issue facing Gillard

The PM was pitching her virtue as a highly financial value-driven decision maker, who was there to protect the hard-earned tax paid by decent hard-working taxpayers. Given the two programs in question are from the doubly soft areas of welfare and women, support for them also fits the inappropriate stereotype of women as more caring politicians.

I have just listened to Julia Gillard’s media conference on the leaks. It adds another dimension to Bernard Keane’s excellent analysis of the media campaign against Gillard, the woman. She was putting herself up as the tough, no-nonsense pragmatist who clearly assessed every policy proposal on its affordability.


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3 thoughts on “Cox: the tricky gender issue facing Gillard

  1. Harvey Tarvydas

    Dr Harvey M Tarvydas

    Excellent article Eva Cox.
    I share your concerns and agree with your arguments and Bernard Keane’s excellent analysis of the media campaign against the PM. The ‘Psychological seriously Uglie’s’ are the new Media Pets.

  2. Tom Jones

    “Not giving extra points just for being a woman is one side of the equation and not adding extra judgements for not acting like a stereotype is another.” Well put Eva.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see her support among women rising as they realise that Julia Gillard is a top quality candidate in comparison to Tony Abbott who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Tony Abbott is very keen to make it a gender issue because he keeps claiming it isn’t. This is not surprising for someone who wanted to be a monk in a religion that has no women priests. Tony can’t even manage his own mortgage so how could he be responsible for the Australain economy. The tough pragmatist, Julia, was exactly the right way to respond.

  3. 1gmd

    “She was putting herself up as the tough, no-nonsense pragmatist who clearly assessed every policy proposal on its affordability.”

    If this ‘serious’ scrutiny of expenditure is real – why did 35 Billion of revenue slip by from the original version of the Henry/Swan ‘elegant’ RSPT?

    The defence is overhyped. inconsistent and fake – the capitulation on the carbon tax, the despicable and incoherent policy on assylum seekers confirms saint julia is a policy free zone interested in power for the factions sake.

    PS why not look at retiring MPs as sources of the cabinet leak?

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