Jul 23, 2010

Sackett on climate change: we must mobilise now

Independent researcher Steve O'Connor talks about climate change to Australia's chief scientist Penny Sackett.

Some, mostly those deeply acquainted with the science of climate change, are beginning to appreciate the sheer scale of effort required to avert possible disaster. Australia’s chief scientist Penny Sackett likes to use language that conveys a peculiar kind of calm urgency:

“We can do it if we mobilise ourselves in the way society has mobilised itself in Great Wars. Transformational changes in industry and society and how it interacts.”

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4 thoughts on “Sackett on climate change: we must mobilise now

  1. Ramble

    Climate variability is a fact of life (and science) and the primary problem is (a) risk management of the fluctuations of cooling and warming, and (b) recognition that playing around with small abundances of carbon dioxide (not carbon per se) will make irrelevant levels of difference.

    Sackett ought to know better than play politics.

  2. rebecca.richter

    Professor Sackett did not make the following statement:

    “Make no mistake, says Sackett, we need to do away with the war on terror and start a new one: the war on climate change.”

    It is inconceivable that the Chief Scientist for Australia would ever comment on issues of national security. Nor would she ever trivialise the efforts required to address terrorism.

    Office of the Chief Scientist
    Rebecca Richter
    Assistant Director, Communications

  3. MichaelT

    Whenever people start calling for a war in any area of public policy, it’s time to head for the hills.

    Consider for example the record of success in:

    * the war on terror
    * the war on cancer
    * the war on drugs.

    Based on these precedents we can confidently predict that huge amounts of public money will be spent to virtually no effect.

  4. gregb

    Ramble, would you care to put forward a hypothesis for what CAUSES this “climate variability” you talk of.

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