Very little change at the top, with the prime minister maintaining a volume of coverage across all media well into the 40,000’s and a three-to-one lead on opposition leader Tony Abbott.

The overwhelming focus has been border protection policy and the Timor/Indonesia/Nauru solution (Nauru … where have I heard that name before?) and as a result Stephen Smith, Chris Evans and Scott Morrison are all big movers, and the Fiji expulsion also adding to Smith’s volume of coverage.

And down at the bottom of the list, the two sides’ spokespeople on the next big issue to be ticked off Julia Gillard’s list before the election, climate change, have jumped back into the top 20 after a nice long spell in the paddock, no doubt producing plenty of methane and of course offsetting it via “direct action” … perhaps a well placed bottle.

Joe Hockey is amongst those that drop out of the list, leading perhaps to the interesting question of where economic matters will rank in the opposition’s election strategy, do debt fears still have some bounce? Or will those pesky boat people and “administrative incompetence” be the key attack points.


The border protection issue actually not engendering a huge amount of heat and light on talkback, while still being fairly widely discussed. Could Australia have possibly changed in the last ten years? Shocking thought, I know…


Finally we know that all that planning and training, all those games, shots, tackles and dives were a waste of time … all we really needed to do was ask Paul who is the best football team.