Kevin Andrews’ belated challenge. The news broke via Twitter at 4.52pm yesterday: Kevin Andrews was preparing to challenge for the Liberal Party leadership. Except it was Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership he was challenging, and The Australian was about seven months late. Samantha Maiden’s story — dated yesterday — was quickly deleted along with the tweet, which alerted its 9500-odd followers.

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The Tele‘s fashion advice. The Daily Telegraph has tried to poke a few holes in Julia Gillards dress sense, suggesting that she should be given a clothing allowance to lift her from a Dickensian nightmare of heavy, brocaded coats and oversized cuffs and collars. She recently stepped out on the town in what one fashion expert described as resembling a cheap motel bedspread, which was also referred to as the “technicolour screamcoat”.

Under the present laws the PM has no clothing allowance, and cannot claim her clothing on tax, seemingly because past legislators never realised that we might one day have a female PM who would be expected by industry fashionistas to spend somewhere in the region of $70,000 annually on clothes. How thoughtless. On the other hand, Paul Toohey’s story is a thrilling plug for image consultant Imogen Lamport, whose Melbourne-based consultancy will no doubt be flooded with new customers in the coming week. — Crikey intern Ben Hagemann

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Yahoo search terms steer the news

“The latest and perhaps broadest effort yet in democratising the news is under way at Yahoo, which on Tuesday will introduce a news blog that will rely on search queries to help guide its reporting and writing on national affairs, politics and the media.” — New York Times

Time and again, magazine offends Indian-Americans

“Joel Stein says he was going for humor in his opinion piece, ‘My Own Private India’, which ran in Monday’s Time magazine. But the Indian-American community members of which serve as the butt of many of Stein’s jokes aren’t laughing.” — Huffington Post

Facebook goes Gaga

“Lady Gaga has become the first living person to have more than 10 million fans on Facebook with her tally standing at 10,673,476. According to new research by online site Famecount, the star recently overtook Barack Obama (9,824,885) to claim the number one spot.” — BBC News

Investigative journalism forced to find new outlet

“Last Monday, a federal jury found former Lieutenant Burge guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice. That means Mr Conroy, who was laid off from The Reader in 2007, is once again without a job, at least in journalism.” — New York Times

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