Right about now I’m aboard a plane headed for Bali via Kuala Lumpur, which doesn’t really sound like an amazing sort of trip but I’ll only be there for six nights before heading off to significantly more exciting places. Thing is, Spykey’s not in a position to be leaving Australia for long periods of time so she’s having a turbo two-week holiday in Indonesia where I’ll be joining her briefly before going on solo for a couple of months in …

Iran, Jordan and Egypt. Which is, you know, pretty freakin’ awesome. Iran especially, about which I’m utterly bursting with excitement and anticipation. I’ve heard nothing but amazing stories from people who’ve visited Iran and I’m confident it’s going to be one of the best places I’ll ever go. It’s said that the people are friendly, generous and hospitable, that the country has a stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture, and that the ancient sites are mind-blowing. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.

After 30 days in Iran I’m flying to Amman for 25 days in Jordan and Egypt. Heading over to this part of the world will let me experience more of the middle east’s rich and ancient culture along with some of the world’s premier sights (Petra and pyramids, anyone?). Plus, I’ll be able to practise my (now very rusty) Arabic.

At the start of September I’ll meet Lisa in London and from there we’re going to spend 18 days in Morocco. I’ve been to Morocco before but can’t wait to go back and rediscover the bustling cities and mindblowing landscape. I have unfinished business in Morocco because a guy named Yusuf stole my favourite green pen during an argument about taxis and carpet and I intend to correct this injustice before coming back to Australia. I loved that pen. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a guy called Yusuf in a country of 32 million people.

Anyway, that’s the plan for the 85 days from 1 July — Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco. Anyone got hot tips or experiences they’d like to share?