Jul 1, 2010

How the 24/7 media cycle helped kill off Rudd

The extraordinary events that took place in the nation’s capital last week give us a good opportunity to get some purchase on the big questions of media, says Matthew Ricketson.

The extraordinary events that took place in the nation’s capital last week give us a good opportunity to get some purchase on the big questions of media. They allow us to look at what journalism is, the extent to which it has changed in recent years, and the implications for its future.

The speed and unremitting pressure of the 24-hour news cycle did play a part in the downfall of the prime minister, just as you could argue that it played a part in the rapid turnover of Liberal Party leaders that followed former prime minister John Howard’s ousting at the 2007 election.

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16 thoughts on “How the 24/7 media cycle helped kill off Rudd

  1. morgami

    the puppet says what? says yes we can!

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    I think it started as an invention of the Murdoch hacks for their own reasons and snowballed from there.

    I think the back stabbing was also based on not a single fact, just thugs like Shorten thinking he should be king in a day.

  3. Michael Butler

    It’s a Canberra story. Look at the polls – not that bad (i.e. the govt in a winning position). The media and pollies and advisors and flaks in Canberra made this happen. It’s a curious little bubble down there; this is further evidence, if any were needed, that Canberra was and is a terrible idea. It’s a government town, full of government people, with nothing to do but government stuff.

  4. klewso

    Extrapolating from Bluett :- “It’s the way the party is run nowadays – by a mob of underachievers more interested in the vagaries of their own power than commitment to ideals and to government”?

  5. klewso

    Yeh, I know, I just “Blewett”!

  6. zut alors

    ‘Not for nothing did Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, once say: “At a certain point you realise that there’s not enough happening to justify 24 hours of news. They should just show a snow cone melting until something happens.” ‘

    It’s hard to lose total faith in the USA when they manage to produce a genius like Jon Stewart. The above quote is possibly the most sage comment ever made about 24 hour bulletins. Is this what Mark Scott has planned?!

  7. Rena Zurawel

    Did the good girl volunteer for the job or was she pushed to volunteer?
    Would the boys’ club volunteer to explain?

  8. davidk

    Volunteered I reckon. Good article.

  9. Yclept

    “How do you appease a mob that doesn’t seem to know what it really wants?”

    Maybe the mob knows what it wants, but is only allowed the choice between two non-choices.

    This two party system just doesn’t work for the people anymore.

  10. j-boy57

    Menzies used to go trout fishing for a fortnight,
    the nearest phone was 25km’s away…….

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