Jun 25, 2010


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95 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd’s Cat: Survivalist

  1. Tom McLoughlin

    The ghost of Spike Milligan has drifted in from Woy Woy and had a look over my shoulder. He says a golden retriever should be yellow not lurid orange. And Kurtz The Cat’s eyes are different sizes, and … wasn’t it Kev himself pictured in the Sydney Daily Telegraph last week of the 2007 federal election in a set piece picfac reading a copy of American Shotgun? Yes indeed it was such a blatant red neck, round the ankles, pitch to the sporting shooter pig dogging crowd that this cartoon should have just gone for the Ego himself, rather than the alter ego. Cold dead paw indeed! Otherwise, mmm, not bad.

  2. Venise Alstergren

    WAGWAK: I seek guidance re where to put the emphasis on fucktardosaurs.

    Is it, perchance fucktárdosaurs?




    None of the above?

    Oh well, I tried.

  3. Sandshoe

    If I had not been held to ransom by a cat who aimed weaponry at me – only I – in a household of four flatties counting cat, I would not believe this! 😮

    No coincidence for me – either way – that Jasper is a flat cat. Yes, ‘the’ cat – from that vantage of boxes piled high below stairs for clear view of an entrance and a back door – shot at me. Yes, tore the skin off one of my ankles before plummeting the distance to the floor, yes. Cats like Jasper become one dimensional in fear of that return journey. 😎

    Jasper should never have been granted a gun licence. ❗ 😎 😎 😎 ❗

  4. paddy

    ROTFL Thank you for that image Sandshoe. 🙂
    I just had a marvellous thought.
    Just imagine the prime rodent, dressed in his flak jacket, being sent in to negotiate Jasper’s surrender. (Naturally, the prize being offered to our little Aussie tracksuited battler is the presidency of the ICC.)

    Hell, this could turn into an epic movie!!
    Get on your bloody iPhone and speak to Spielberg at once FD. 🙂 🙂

  5. Chris Johnson

    I want the adventures of Abby and Jasper turned into a film. Art imitating life will make a dead-set blockbuster to break all box office records since Brenda Star sold out at Dymocks. This is the episode where a coup in the capital turns the homeless rabid.

  6. Holden Back

    @ Chris Johnson- there are far too few foul-mouthed animations, but Canberra’s homeless must be doing it tough enough at the moment, without rabies.

    I like the idea of Jasper in the CommCar with a semi-automatic rifle, terrifying the boulevards and roundabouts. Do you think he’s heading for bling and back-up dancers/singers?

  7. wagwak


    Jasper Zelig-Kurzt “Mr Grey” Rudd murmurs Fucktaaaardosauuurs under his sublime purr while oiling up the firing mechanism of his semi-automatic….

  8. Sandshoe

    I feel honoured @ PADDY. Thank you, Paddy. I have accepted by a delicate inclination, if you can imagine it, of my green head.

    And Dogonauts, in fact I turn to EVERYBODY (I like that intimacy)! Isn’t Paddy’s rollicking laugh marvellous illustration of the way a laugh so often results for others as result of a collegiate or familial howl of pain-audible or imagined-that is unexpected especially in its incorporation with an observed or imagined second movement. Its content is rather like a hinge manipulated with a thumb and first finger. Like a puppet. Not unlike an intake and its outburst of a breath of the fresh air of a laugh. Arguably as unexpected as an attack orchestrated by a cat.

    That first movement. Conceived. Planned. And the cat-speaking of it-for all any one of us knows has piled the boxes in place and thus on its own we might imagine cognisance of consequences leaps.

    Then that second movement. Not foreseen we might imagine by the same conflicting token when we observe for Tom the cat the outcomes in pursuit of Jerry, the mouse in Tom and Jerry, the cartoon and Tom hits the wall.

    It is too delicious for humourists like Paddy when Sandshoe howls in pain and a vicious cat falls a storey. SPLAT! FLAT! Look on our works!

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