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Jun 25, 2010


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95 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd’s Cat: Survivalist

  1. Venise Alstergren

    Erratum..One of his suns, should read one of his sons. Unsurprisingly.

  2. Mike Jones

    FM and I went to see Banksy’s doco “Exit through the Gift Shop” tonight. Hilarious. Profound. Probably a total rip-off. A must-see ! The complete lesson in exploitation 🙂

  3. Sandshoe

    I turned the corner of a deserted street close to the inner city in Auckland in New Zealand one early hour of the new day after a midnight in late summer, 1988 and for the first time learned of the message written in giant graffitti on a depot wall illuminated by a street light ahead of me and otherwise only a mix of dark shadows all around and black gloom:

    “S A V E T H E G A Y W H A L E”.

    Tonight I have been watching trailer’s of Banksy’s doco. It looks wonderful.

  4. Mike Jones

    Hi ‘shoe. Good graffiti (or should I say “street art”) improves with age.

    Later they managed to offend more punters (and encapsulate another of the mainstream activist movements) with “Land rights for gay whales”.

    FM and I argued about / discussed the Banksy movie all the way home and on and off the next day. We seem to be at odds over who really was the director and who was the protagonist and whether Thierry was ripping off the whole genre and whether either or both of them were taking the piss out of the public in general , the audience at the movie or both. Thierry was a riot from the outset. Hilarious, but not the sort of chap one might feel comfortable to lend a quid.

    Must be good.

  5. Sandshoe

    VENISE: Dear Venise how I worry when you sound bloated. It would have passed by now, I trust.

    @VENISE>WAGWAK: Dears! Talking about Bird Eating Spiders. I love those. Except they eat birds. One attempted to eat my husband and children who all escaped uneaten in the jungle in North Queensland. I think.

    Funny that is referred to as FNQ by some tourist operators, don’t you sometimes think? It is not far if one/they live/s there is it? Only, say, considering there from Near Victoria or Near Southern Australia.

    EMM (MIKE JONES): Thierry was easier with money than getting it might be if he … well … asked you for a loan seeing as you saw the flick, eh? I’ll take that anyway as thank you for thinking about asking, but not today ‘shoe. (So intuitive. I was only wondering if I could have a couple of bucks for a carton of milk to tide me over.)

    Land rights for gay whales, eh? That is, in fact, what that giant graffiti scrawled on that (huge) wall said. It was a seminal moment. (I wondered when I wrote that @SANDSHOE – SAVE THE GAY WHALES – why it sounded suddenly lame compared with then 😐 😎 😳 oops:

    First Dog is coming home! I consulted a fortune teller at a market on the weekend. 🙂

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