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Jun 25, 2010

As a woman…

Watching our female Governor General swear in our female prime minister yesterday was spine tingling.

Watching our female Governor General swear in our female prime minister yesterday was spine tingling. First Dog on the Moon’s line yesterday was important:


As a woman (what an annoying line that is) Gillard should be spared the questions about her fruit bowl.

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8 thoughts on “As a woman…

  1. paddy

    Well done for actually getting the beast out on the net. Enjoy your well deserved rest and make sure FDOTM is safely out of the country before Andrew Bolt sees the front page of the Oz. 🙂

  2. Hochfelden

    I would never have agreed with Margaret Thatcher’s politics but she certainly had balls.
    I hope JG is also, in that sense, similarly testicularly endowed.

    At least she won’t be walking around with her hands in her pockets in a hard hat like her predecessor … he even managed to do it at soldiers’ funerals !

  3. Mr Squid

    i thought yesterday’s edition was wholly informed by gender stereoptyping, and was generally no better than the dreadful coverage by the msm. it made me wonder why i subscribe.

  4. Barbara Boyle

    I have always found Her Excellency impressive ,apparently untainted by her (honourable) appointment by the former Prime Minister,you know, the one with all the oft commented upon character flaws.

  5. Jillian Blackall

    Well done Crikey for getting the daily mail out under such difficult circumstances!

  6. Mack the Knife

    ‘Spinechilling’ indeed!

    There has never been a more useless hack than Quentin Bryce at the helm of the GG than perhaps John Kerr.

    Bryce typifies the career of the untalented riding the affirmative action elevator.

    Her decisions and biased attitudes in her roles in anti discrimination were unbecoming and thankfully unconstitutional as it turned out.

    Can anyone point to any achievement this lady has ever done other than to be the hollow poster girl used to fill affirmative roles for Australia.

    Gillard represents the true talented woman showing her competitive mettle; females of her calibre in the role of GG represent real progress.

  7. Ballteaser

    If having a first female PM is Labor’s platform for another term of Government, then surely the Liberal Party must level the playing field and have Julie Bishop as Leader and put Abbot 2IC.

    What we must understand is that this Labor Government is devoid of any real sustainable policy and has mercilessly destroyed the Australian economy with flawed policies and taxation reform.

    Certainly, the Australian people are discerning enough to know that Gillard has been one of the prime architects of Labor policy failure.

    I say to the Libs – Its time to give the lady with poise and class a go – Julie Bishop

  8. Jillian Blackall

    I am not that impressed with Julie Bishop. Unfortunately the Coalition parties have not produced a woman suitable for the role of PM, at this stage.

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