Jun 23, 2010

Truth wins out as crime (shock, horror!) wins the Miles Franklin

It looks like crime, and sounds like crime, and sells like crime, but — it’s Literature!

W H Chong — Culture Mulcher

W H Chong

Culture Mulcher

The judges of Australia’s premier literary award have given this year’s prize to Truth, a crime novel by Peter Temple. We know Truth is crime because it shares characters with its not-quite-prequel, The Broken Shore, winner in 2007 of the world’s top crime writing award, the Gold Dagger.


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One thought on “Truth wins out as crime (shock, horror!) wins the Miles Franklin

  1. richie ben

    Can we get this straight? Temple is a brilliant writer. His use of language is superb. He catches a a small part of Australia – Melbourne and its environs, the underworld, the cops – and serves them up perfectly presented on our table. He is every bit as praiseworthy as Tim Winton, and for similar reasons. Crime novels form a subset of narrative fiction, and there is no reason a crime novel should not be just as deserving of respect and acknowledgment, if it is well written, as any other novel. Played strong done fine Mr Temple.

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