Garrett going grey over foxes? Expect a media release from Botanic Gardens Trust sometime today announcing that they have had to delay the dispersal of grey-headed flying-foxes from Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney until next year. Was this the trust’s choice, or was the choice made for them? Either way,  the Botanic Gardens Trust and DEWHA (Peter Garrett’s department) should expect that the actions already taken this year will come under intense scrutiny between now and the time that the trust expects to restart the project in 2011.

Hands up, Christian women. After Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd addressed the Australian Christian Lobby forum (which was predominately male) the heads of churches asked a series of prepared questions — all asked by males.  Where were the women? Surely this would never happen in any other 21st century forum!

Did you know? If Julia Gillard ever takes over as PM while Tony Abbott is Liberal Party leader it will be the first time since the Great War (1916) that both major Australian parties have been led by UK-born people.

See how power works in this country.

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The motion that stopped dead. Veterans are less than impressed with Tony Abbott stifling a debate on veterans’ entitlements …

22-06-2010 12-05-25 PM

See how power works in this country.

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