Jun 21, 2010

Most women pay dearly for making sexual harassment complaints

A turning organisational wheel always crushes the whistleblower. No wonder so many women just leave instead of complaining about sexual harassment, writes barrister Moira Rayner.

It is no new thing that men with power very readily assume that the ordinary rules of conduct do not apply to them. Such seems to have been the belief of the recently departed CEO of David Jones, whose career has been devoted, he said in a recent Age interview, to knowing what women want.


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2 thoughts on “Most women pay dearly for making sexual harassment complaints

  1. Socratease

    I’m thinking that, as well as making the complaint, the young woman involved should have smacked McInnes in the face — in front of the same witnesses who reportedly say they saw him forcing himself on her. McInnes would have gotten what he deserved and I figure that she would have been in no worse career jeopardy than she is now by going the formal complaint route and being outed by the media into the bargain.

  2. Rena Zurawel

    To what extent a sexual harassment can be solved in/by the court?
    Just asking.

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