The nation is collectively suffering through a potentially fatal malaise, and it appears to be contagious. It’s a debilitating case of rampant disgruntlement.

That’s the term coined by Possum Comitatus today on his Pollytics blog, written in the wake of the latest Newspoll that suggests, rather than the “drubbing” that Rudd anticipated all weekend, it seems voters don’t really care either way.

Dr Comitatus built an aggregate net satisfaction of both leaders and then checked the patients’ charts:


What’s the medical term for worse than flat lining? Because from our reading, the diagnosis is deader than dead.

The Greens aren’t exactly applying the defibrillators to the public’s political pulse either — their vote is considerably softer than the two main parties.

Labor insiders may be worried that voters have stopped listening to Rudd, but the doctor suggests that the voting public have had it with just about everyone.

While the government gears up to sell its NBN win this week, looks like the defining question for Federal Election 2010 will be: what will it take to get people listening again?

Peter Fray

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