celticWe wouldn’t be a sports blog if we didn’t somehow cover the Los Angeles Lakers thrilling Game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics today. The Lakers won 83-79 and it was a great game — we watched it here in the Crikey bunker. But there was one Crikeyite who was far more passionate than anyone else … Crikey’s Subscriber Services Co-ordinator extraordinaire Jade Butler is a Boston Celtics fan. So I asked her to put a few words together on what it’s like to go so close to winning an NBA championship (well not her of course … her team…)

Devastated Celtics fan Jade Butler writes:

As a dedicated Boston Celtics supporter I must confess, I’m devastated about going to seven games only to lose the title by four points to the Lakers.

Before the playoffs had even begun, the odds were against us with claims the squad of veterans couldn’t pull it off. This was soon put this to bed with the “C”’s proving too fierce for Lebron & Howard smashing both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic.

Throughout the Lakers series, I grew sick and tired of Phil Jackson’s manipulative coaching techniques, Kobe’s repetitive jump shot and Bynum’s endless knee troubles.

Ultimately the Lakers are a group of individuals, who rely heavily on Jackson to drive them.  This became explicit in game five when Jackson stated to the losing Lakers in a time out: “This team has lost more games in the fourth quarter than anybody in the NBA.”

Sadly this is true and even worse, we’ve lost.  However the Celt’s are a team who consistently play with independence, finesse and initiative.  The superstar moments throughout the playoffs from Rondo, Pierce, Ray Ray, Big Baby Davis and Robinson will not be forgotten.

I’m optimistic for next season and hope to see more Big Baby Davis drool:


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