Jun 17, 2010

Vote Last Steve Fielding

Steve Fielding's buffoonery in the paid parental leave debate has given way to something altogether more offensive. Labor has a special responsibility to put him last this election.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

There’s never been any doubt Steve Fielding is a prize idiot. His idea of senatorial behaviour has chiefly revolved around ludicrous stunts, apparently random voting and trying to inject himself into any debate going, frequently on the most offensive terms.


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71 thoughts on “Vote Last Steve Fielding

  1. Holden Back

    Not only is he nasty-minded he can’t even think his imaginary scenarios though. Call me devious-minded, but wouldn’t the point of ‘addicts and welfare cheats’ having children for social security benefits be to a have steady long-term income?

  2. Charles Richardson

    Well put, Bernard. But it shouldn’t just be Labor that should be told to put the fundamentalists last – the Liberals should face the same demand. As you say, they eventually did the right thing with One Nation, otherwise we would have had David Oldfield in the Senate. Family First should go the same way.

  3. Mark Duffett

    Labor has a special responsibility for Fielding

    The ultimate responsibility rests with everyone who lazily votes above the line in the Senate, and in so doing puts their preferences in the hands of these clowns.

  4. Troy C

    What’s your point, Bernard?

  5. geomac

    Fielding is a perfect example of why people should take the time to vote below the line. I will have him last on my ballot paper and Conroy just above. I was going to vote green but after they voted down the ETS they lost my vote. I dont care if they thought it was a dog of a scheme it would have made the idea and the implementation of doing something acceptable to the broader public. High ideals, so called , may sound ok but nil result on any level is backward. Thanks for this article and the only point of difference I make is the random voting pattern of Fielding as he almost always votes with the opposition. Being offensive is one thing but to compound it by being moronic shows how odd/weird Family first or maybe just Fielding is.

  6. postielinley

    If only his mum had an abortion and pocketed the money!

  7. David Sanderson

    Miranda Devine chooses to believe that Fielding is unfairly attacked by snobby lefties and that he is not a buffoon but merely dyslexic. Will we see an expression of regret from her or does she think her peculiar ideological obsessions excuse her from decent standards of debate?

  8. kevrenor

    Vote Last Steve Fielding?

    No, just in front of Stephen Conroy ..

  9. Michael Wilbur-Ham (MWH)

    Remember that Conroy is doing Rudd’s bidding on the internet filter. This is Rudd’s censorship campaign

    The Greens must be doing really badly in the polls at them moment because I keep reading on Crikey people saying that they will put the Greens last because the Greens voted against the CPRS 🙁

    Or perhaps I’m not the only person to realize that the CPRS was bad legislation, and that we are better off without it. If Rudd had ever intended to take action on climate change he would have done many things to start action right from his first budget, and even his third budget would be very different if he really believed in action. So perhaps the Greens might be polling a bit higher than ever before 🙂

  10. shepherdmarilyn

    Stephen Conroy is not the bloody devil incarnate just because he wants to filter porn. He has done good stuff that goes unremarked like the all access internet in areas that were previously black spots like where I am.

    Same access, same price. Fielding and all the other FF’s are lunatics who have no idea what a family actually is but love to attack.

    In SA Dennis Hood wanted to legalise belting your kids.

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