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Jun 11, 2010

First Dog’s Highly Strung Week In Review


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42 thoughts on “First Dog’s Highly Strung Week In Review

  1. Patrick Belton

    Exactly the same as my week, except for the Bulldogs and the Bees.

  2. paddy

    Being electrocuted’s a @Buzz. (Boom Tish)

    P.S. FD. You’re obviously being paid too much since you forgot to mention the plumbers bill. 🙂

  3. Delerious

    I’m scared you listed most of mine this week. I actually wandered if the dog got blown up. Why did you tell me that?

  4. Ern Malleys cat

    You have good reason.
    Frame 27 — OJ.

  5. RogerGerbil

    My major angst has been the risk of being ‘rat f*cked”.

  6. SBH

    It’s nice to see that the parking issue has cleared up FDOTM.

  7. Joal

    Our cat got attacked by a vampire.

    Or maybe another cat, it’s hard to be sure.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    FD’s lucky! He doesn’t list Gas, Credit Cards, Rates, The Brake Oil-or lack of-in the Car, The Reaction of the Lady Hunt’s Man Spider, when she discovers her partner has been accidently squashed.

    Plus all of the above fears-except the footy. However, he did say partial list.

  9. Kahomabu

    Jeez Lovely First Dog – you must be human after all.

  10. Mike Jones

    First, FD, I think we’re ready for a session on Dr Harry’s couch, aren’t we.

    Relax, close eyses, concentrate on the breathing and try to stay in the moment. No replaying the bad things of the past. No rehearsing the bad things that probably won’t happen anyway in the future.

    Hilarious awards to Rogergerbil and Joal.

    FD, I loved the drainage frame, so sweet, so vulnerable wrapped in a towel.

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