Why you’ll want the next-gen iPhone

“The one question Apple never answers at keynotes –- their opinion is implicit –- is always the most pertinent: Should I buy this new thing? Here’s a simple guide…” — Gizmodo

Apple workers get pay jump — to stop them jumping

“Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry plans to raise workers’ salaries by about 20% at its Foxconn unit in China, as it struggles to stop a spate of worker suicides and quell rising public anger.”– Reuters

An end for Helen Thomas and the Helen Thomas Rules

“To many in Washington, two sets of rules seemed to apply for journalists covering the president: those for regular White House correspondents, and those for Helen Thomas.” — New York Times

TMZ has photos from Gary Coleman’s deathbed

“The aftermath of Gary Coleman’s death is becoming more grim. As Coleman’s parents ask for answers about his death, reports are circulating that his wife, Shannon Price, has been shopping deathbed photos around to the highest bidder.” — Time

Seinfeld laughing all the way to the billionaire’s club

“Why is it that Jerry Seinfeld, the American actor who had a hit 1990s TV show named after him, is always smiling? It could it be because he is party to a little secret that has just been disclosed — that his show, Seinfeld, has made US$2.7 billion in repeat fees since it went off the air 12 years ago.” — The Guardian

Remembering Adriana

“The television industry has paid tribute to the memory of beloved game show hostess Adriana Xenides.” — TV Tonight