Rio Tinto under water? There’s a rumour amongst the Rio Tinto geologists in the Pilbara that one of their mine sites is about to breach the water table that feeds the Karijini National Park, perhaps polluting or even drying up the water that feeds the gorges.

Xstrata and its employees. I read with interest your stories on Xstrata. I am an employee at Xstrata’s Tahmoor coal operation in the Illawarra. We have been in negotiation with Xstrata for 19 months trying to get a new enterprise agreement. We have been through industrial protected action granted by the courts, lockouts by the company and now an application by the company to terminate our agreement and place us on award conditions.

Clayton’s water comp. I love the ‘win $10,000’ promotion by Frantelle bottled spring water. Due to end on June 15, the promotion requires the purchaser of a Frantelle product to locate and submit a seven-digit unique code via the website or by SMS. Interestingly, the label on the bottle makes it virtually impossible to register. The reason? The seven-digit unique code is conveniently located between the ends of the label which are glued to the 600ml bottle. That’s a Clayton’s competition.