The short-lived Rudd Government (2007-10) has received relatively little attention from historians in recent years – something that would astound contemporaries who in ensuing years celebrated the defeat of what was exposed as one of history’s most epic plots.

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy always had its sceptics, even after VLWC Denialism was made illegal as part of a raft of national security measures in 2022.  Nevertheless, the revelation of key documents in the Penske File in 2014 indeed showed that Australia had been the epicenter of a global plan involving the Chinese Government, the UN, Islamic fundamentalists, the environmental movement, many of the world’s leading scientists and a large proportion of the Western world’s arts and entertainment community.  It was a plan that came within an ace of succeeding.

Rudd’s own later admissions, made from the sanctuary of the Shanghai headquarters of his Global Architecture Solutions business empire, confirmed the essential revelations of Penske, even while differing on key details.  A secret 1990s agreement had been negotiated between the Chinese Communist Party, Osama Bin Laden, then-UN Secretary-General Boutros-Boutros Ghali, 7 of the 12 leading NGOs, 28 vice-chancellors and CEOs of key research institutions, senior figures in the people-smuggling community and a number of leaders in the media and entertainment industry.  The goal was to use “climate change” and “social justice” to fundamentally undermine western economic and national security.

Former diplomat and Sinophile Kevin Rudd was to play a key role in a long-term plan to enter Parliament in his home country of Australia, become Prime Minister and impose an elaborate “emissions trading scheme” on first his own country and then all western economies.  It would drive up costs, create unemployment and social discontent and accelerate the rise of non-western economies.

While Rudd’s failure to lead a developed-economy shift to emissions trading was a crucial blow, he proved his flexibility by cannily using the First Global Financial Crisis to send the Australian Government, one of the few western economies without a debt problem, deep into deficit – funded, it was later discovered, by Chinese interests.  Rudd then proposed “fixing” the deficit with a Mining Super Profits Tax, with the real goal of encouraging other economies to impose similar punitive new taxes on successful industries.

Rudd’s defeat in 2010, however, stymied these plans.  Rudd had been a successful leader for most of his term, having shaken off initial suspicions as to his pro-China stance – despite what was, in retrospect, the dead giveaway of having a Eurasian senior minister.  Only an obscure right-wing journalist and Professor (later Lord) Clive Palmer successfully spotted that Rudd was actually part of a communist plot.

However, the unmasking by conservative politicians and commentators of Rudd’s plans to wreak economic havoc led to the rapid collapse in his support and electoral defeat.  And within three short years, the innovative Médori Plan, in which the bankrupt governments of 18 European and South American states were handed to a consortium of the world’s largest mining companies, secured a new period of confidence and low-tax prosperity.  That period was only ended when the Greenwash Bubble of 2021 ushered in the Second GFC – just as the First GFC had been caused by progressivist attempts to mandate home ownership in defiance of the markets, so the Second was caused by progressivist attempts to exploit unfounded fears of environmental damage.

Nevertheless, the exposure of the VLWC achieved the much-needed destigmatising of global warming, long the subject of apocalyptic warnings by paid-up conspiracy members in the scientific and entertainment communities.  Understood better as “Climate Improvement”, the accelerating increase in global temperatures came to be recognised as a welcome lift in global temperatures to a more enjoyable and productive level.  While some unfortunate nations suffered minor damage or, in a few cases, complete obliteration as a consequence of Climate Improvement, the economic benefits of phenomena such as the thawing of much of Siberia, the opening up the Arctic to resources exploration and shipping and the reduction in winter-related deaths among the elderly were repeatedly modeled to show a net economic benefit (see, for instance, Not Drowning, Waving: Economic Benefits of Catastrophic Sea Level Rise, Access Economics 2038).  Moreover, these benefits cushioned the global economy during the long period of economic stagnation following GFC 2.

Later revelations from Rudd, however, undermined much of what had become accepted fact about the VLWC.  His claim in his autobiography Agent of Influence: From Nambour to Nanjing that he had in fact been working for conservative forces, in league with disgruntled ChiCom elements, in an effort to mimic a left-wing conspiracy, appeared self-serving – except for subsequent leaked documents that revealed several of the world’s most high-profile environmental and social justice NGOs were in fact funded by the CIA, as part of a long-term plan to discredit “anti-capitalist forces”.

This yielded the very real question as to whether any of the VLW Conspirators were actually genuine or whether all were part of an Even Vaster Right-Wing Conspiracy.  To date that mystery remains unresolved – at least in part due to the criminalization of “EVRWC Advocacy” in several countries.

And the real role and motivations of a central figure of the plot, the inscrutable and obscure Australian Kevin Rudd, remain cloaked in as much mystery as ever.