Jun 1, 2010

Only 48 hours to go…

... until National Andrew Bolt is a Dickhead Day

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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55 thoughts on “Only 48 hours to go…

  1. Aron

    ROFL. Is it a coincidence that it will also be Mabo Day?

  2. zut alors

    Priceless, Mr Onthemoon!

    For any serious music aficionados does the Glenn Milne Kazoo Orchestra have a CD can order?

  3. John Donovan

    Still no thoughts on the Dogs weekend “performance”?

  4. Kahomabu

    Dear First Dog

    You are lovely and you are FUNNY!

    ‘Homeland Poffertje Smackdown’ I will smile on that all day, and probably into tomorrow and beyond. In fact I will revisit it often to get that ridiculous sense of ridiculousness.

  5. deccles

    The Glen Milne Kazoo Orchestra. Sublime. Boltian fetish? Ewwwww

  6. Callum

    Crikey is well and truly dead – killed by left wing fanatics who bastardised the bi-partisan approach that symbolised it for so long.

    On one page, you have Keane abusing anyone who does not share his opinion, be it on environmental issues or IR. Another page is dedicated to attacking journalists who support the right.

    This abuse does not encourage debate, it effectively censures it. The fact that they were attempting to be covert for a few years is irrelevant.

    So what will Crikey do when membership really starts to drop? When revenue starts to really dry up? Hopefully disappear.

    Debate on crikey is dead – killed by these so called journalists.

  7. Phil

    Dear First Dog

    Isn’t Andrew Bolt a dickhead every day?
    Let’s just call 3rd of June Rightard Day and give out the Bolt award in honor of the dickhead.

  8. Jenny

    I will take chocolate biscuits to Thursday’s staff meeting in celebration of NABIADD.

    Glad to see the interpretive dance bandicoot is getting involved – I await more claims of ABC bias. But why do all the dancing doggies look like they are taking a piss? Or are they taking THE piss? Subtle. Nice.

  9. Holden Back

    @ Callum
    Which party AB supports is irrelevant, it is his dickheadedness which makes him special. It’s sweet that you count his support of the Right as something positive – you’re so inclusive.

    If anyone qualifies for the epithet ‘useful idiot’ it is he. Sadly, he has the effect of making the Right look mean, pompous and stupid to anyone else.

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