Khemlani kaos kontinues

Friday, 28 May, 2004

A voice from on high speaks about our mate — and he offers some explanations. Sealed section readers will know about our pal Khemlani and his function that wasn’t with Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting.

John Laws knows all about it, too. He called it “deception of the worst form” yesterday. You can hear the Tonsils’ full opinions here.

Khemlani made a personal explanation on the matter in the House in the wake of questions on the function in Estimates and has been out talking about things on the ABC today.

We’ll make one little point at the end of everything — but first here’s an e-mail allegedly from the lad that offers some fascinating insights into the whole matter:

—  — -Original Message —  — -

From: Johnson, Michael (MP)
Sent: Sunday, 1 February 2004 10:49 PM
To: (Names have been removed to protect the innocent)
Cc: Johnson, Michael (MP)


Importance: High

As per my telephone call to each of you, I have approached Ricky Ponting to do a function for me in the Ryan electorate. He is very receptive to doing this, but of course at a major cost of almost $20,000 including airfares. The date of Friday, 16th April has been suggested. How does this sound to each of you?

If each school was in a position to make a relatively small financial contribution to the event of $4000, I would look after the balance of his expenses. For your support, I would have in mind that each school would bring its First XI squad, including coaches etc….the kids’ parents, and of course your good selves and spouses. All photographs with the team would be taken prior to Ricky Ponting mixing and mingling with the other guests so pics are guaranteed.

If you are able to give me a firmer indication of your school’s interest and commitment, I can start to get things moving.

All the schools involved will of course be mentioned in the invitations that go out to potential paying guests from Corporate Brisbane in order to offset costs. If any school wants to give a heavier commitment, I am happy to discuss this privately. But I think, this is a good way to make the event possible with all of us chipping in. It is of course, also a great PR opportunity in terms of future school brochures and marketing material!

In addition, I will try to get Matt Hayden as a guest at the same function and have his time covered by another sponsor. If this could be achieved, I am sure the moment will be treasured by the boys and their parents. As I say, I will try my best, but no promises here.

Kind Regards


Peter Fray

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