Today it was announced that Anthony Pratt was knocked from top spot to third on BRW‘s Rich List, with his fortune estimated by the magazine at $4.6 billion. But we presume there’s one particular variable that the magazine didn’t factor into their calculations — Madison Ashton — the woman who claims she had a relationship with the now deceased Richard Pratt and has now lodged a statement of claim in the NSW Supreme Court for a piece of the Pratt fortune.

When news broke that Madison Ashton had lodged a statement of claim in the NSW Supreme Court, former clients of Ashton took to the phones singing like canaries to gossip columnists that she was also a well-known escort.

Ashton is known in Sydney and around Australia as Christine McQueen — the “gifted courtesan” and “standout beauty” with the “movie star face” and “porn star’s body and appetites”. Her Private Girls profile describes her as sophisticated and well-mannered (though not if you don’t want her to be); “as at home on your arm at a corporate function, the restaurant or the theatre as she is when she’s the plaything in your bed”.


As her profile states:

“A skilled and confident lover, Christine has a healthy appetite for both pleasure. Soft and romantic, or raunchy and dirty, her focus is on being completely immersed in the moment you share with her. Her aim is to achieve your total satisfaction. Experienced in seducing and pleasing individuals, couples and small parties, she is versatile and open-minded. Her aim is to deliver an exceptional, blissful experience you will remember.”

The 36-year-old, 173cm beauty offers an extensive list of services — from “cuddles/snuggles” and “passionate kissing” to, well, much more — and they don’t come cheap. ‘McQueen’ charges $800 for one hour, $1400 for two hours, $2000 for three hours and $2500 for four hours. A marathon five-hour session will set you back a princely $3000.

High-class and high-priced, certainly, but also well-reviewed. The website Australian Babes website lists her as “highly recommend” with glowing critiques of her performance. ‘Jimmyjams’ — who flew to Sydney on two separate occasions for a meeting — wrote on March 2:

“She is your girlfriend, your lover & your friend all in one. Some maybe put off by her rates but as a famous fashion icon once said, quality is remembered long after the price tag is forgotten… It is incredibly rare to find this sort of girl and service from a parlour girl and its like trying to compare a Toyota to a Ferrari… Just don’t even try… there there is no comparison…”

‘Barnestormer’ was so overcome after his encounter last year with Christine and her friend ‘Savina’ he quoted a former US president:

“There are times when one marvels at how exquisite life can be. Our world can be filled with turmoil and sorrow, yet there are times when we need to get in touch with the joy it has to offer. The things which make us happy. The things which bring us pleasure. Benjamin Franklin wrote ‘Happiness consists more in the small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life.’ To that end I have always endeavoured to live the life less ordinary. To have as many of those pieces of great fortune happen significantly more than seldom.”

Crikey has phoned and emailed Christine this morning without response. Her phone message directs callers to her “assistant” ‘Heidi’, who told us she had no comment.