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May 26, 2010

Greg Sheridan was right! About Julie Bishop that is…

Julie Bishop stuffed up Treasury, and now she's stuffed up Foreign Affairs. Luckily Tony Abbott is on the ball in that portfolio...

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

What’s the point of Julie Bishop’s political existence?


Scroll back 15 months, to February last year, when she gracefully exited the shadow Treasurership under pressure from some less-than-graceful male colleagues. Admittedly, she’d made a hash of the position, and in record time, but she was still deputy leader, so she needed a senior portfolio.  So she was hidden in Foreign Affairs, where usually only Greg Sheridan actually notices if you stuff up.

In fact the principle task of a Coalition foreign affairs spokesperson, either in Government or Opposition, is simple: keep The Australian happy, which means pretty much keeping Greg Sheridan and Paul Kelly happy.

Problem was, she did stuff up, and Greg Sheridan noticed. In August, in the sort of language Sheridan usually reserved for the limp-wristed shillyshalling foreign policy Leftariat, he excoriated her over the Opposition’s handling of the Stern Hu matter, saying of the Coalition “it has probably for the moment definitively forfeited the right to be taken seriously as an alternative government.”

In case you were left wondering, Sheridan emphasised the point, calling Bishop’s response “internally contradictory, unprincipled, amoral beyond even the exigencies of parliamentary hypocrisy and profoundly stupid. Bishop was a dud shadow treasurer and is now a dud foreign affairs spokeswoman.”

Bishop had followed first Andrew Robb, and then Helen Coonan, in the role. Robb was the only frontbencher to lay a glove on Rudd early in the term, but then was moved to climate change by Malcolm Turnbull. Coonan barely had time to get her feet under the desk before she was moved to make way for Bishop.

Now not merely has Bishop managed to reveal confidential information about national security matters, she’s made herself look a prize goose. Her defence is that she didn’t understand the question.The exchange went:

Bishop: “It would be naive to think that Israel was the only country in the world that has used forged passports, including Australian passports, for security operations.”

Tim Lester: “What – we do?”

Bishop: “Yes.”

Quite what part of “What – we do?” isn’t clear is something of a mystery.

A defence along the lines of “I was a prize dill overplaying my hand as always and I’ll try to exercise better judgement in the future” might at least have earned her some Abbott-style “hey at least I admit I lie under pressure” points.

It was a red-letter day for the Coalition on foreign policy because Tony Abbott addressed the Asialink National Forum here in Canberra yesterday, along with the Prime Minister. Asialink is a Melbourne-based centre for promoting Asian engagement.

While Rudd offered his usual foreign policy boilerplate, Abbott chose to use the forum to tear into Labor, assailing Paul Keating’s focus on Asia, celebrating John Howard’s foreign policy skills, and attacking Rudd over people smuggling, refusing to sell uranium to India and Rudd’s Asia Pacific Community proposal. Abbott accused Rudd of “unilaterally-conceived utopian visions”, “giving up” on APEC, and blamed him for failing to reverse the trend of fewer Australian schoolchildren learning a second language.

It’s not the first time Abbott has felt the need to launch partisan attacks over foreign policy. He used President Yudhoyono’s address to Federal Parliament in March to talk about the increase in people smuggling and damn with faint praise Rudd’s engagement with Indonesia “rather than nebulous new communities.”

It doesn’t matter a great deal in the scheme of things, really, but it’s a subtle indicator both of Tony Abbott’s view of foreign policy and what sort of foreign policy focus he’d have if he ever became Prime Minister.

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84 thoughts on “Greg Sheridan was right! About Julie Bishop that is…

  1. jenauthor

    Agree Phil. His actual chest-beating in QT just now was a sight to behold. All he needs to do know is swagger along dragging his knuckles on the ground and he will officially be the missing link!

    Hairy-crotched or no, it doesn’t matter what gender a politician is — it is all about substance, or lack thereof.

    Julie has shown no substance or trustworthiness. TA has shown no honesty or trustworthiness (and more than his share of chimpanzee genes). Poor member for North Sydney … has shown no real ticker (he sighs mournfully as a preamble whenever he asks a question in QT.

    Andrew Robb needs to go back on sick leave and Chris Pyne needs to stop taking ‘irritating pratt pills’.

  2. jenauthor

    Funny thing — every male ‘ve come across is hairy-crotched. Meaningful insult? I think not.

  3. Rena Zurawel

    Julie Bishop should learn one important principle: If you have nothing to say – say nothing.
    Now, I would be really scared to travel overseas on my Australian genuine passport. The whole world has been notified that our travel docs may be false. Thanks, Julie.

    I was watching the Question Time this afternoon. There was a striking contrast between the performance of our two political parties: The Liberals seem to come to the Chamber totally unprepared. It is not only Julie Bishop who does not know how to do her homework. Her colleagues are just as bad.

  4. Michael

    David there is much you find surreal hear petal and that worries me.
    For now and by way of counseling, I wouldn’t let it worry you unduly.
    [Moderator — this comment has been edited for highly inappropriate comments. There is no need to get personal.]

  5. davidk

    Michael, I don’t think you should be to quick to pass judgement on the sanity of others. People in glass houses……..

  6. Michael


    I’m not passing judgement on his sanity – that judgement came in some time ago – but I do find it outrageous how he can vilify, demean, humiliate and generally besmirch Julia Bishop because she is a female and the feminists in this forum, who are in plague proportions, stand by ad fiddle with their knitting.

  7. OBlizzard

    [Moderator — this comment has been edited for highly inappropriate comments. There is no need to get personal.]

    Par for the course with that particular poster.

  8. jenauthor

    Guys — how do you indent someone else’s post when pasting into your own?

  9. Michael


    !@#$%!!! & *^%(#$ !!! and what’s more $%@#$^& !!!!

    Self moderation.

  10. harrybelbarry

    Ms Bishop is just following the Fiberal line, go in hard and Bullshit and then act dumb. David Sanderson, thats a big call about jimmiek & micheal , but a right call. They are testing new drugs , to top up their pensions. The fiberals cannot sack her, the front bench is a bit thin on talent, Wilson Tuckey from the back bench ?

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