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May 26, 2010

Greg Sheridan was right! About Julie Bishop that is...

Julie Bishop stuffed up Treasury, and now she's stuffed up Foreign Affairs. Luckily Tony Abbott is on the ball in that portfolio...


What’s the point of Julie Bishop’s political existence?


Scroll back 15 months, to February last year, when she gracefully exited the shadow Treasurership under pressure from some less-than-graceful male colleagues. Admittedly, she’d made a hash of the position, and in record time, but she was still deputy leader, so she needed a senior portfolio.  So she was hidden in Foreign Affairs, where usually only Greg Sheridan actually notices if you stuff up.

In fact the principle task of a Coalition foreign affairs spokesperson, either in Government or Opposition, is simple: keep The Australian happy, which means pretty much keeping Greg Sheridan and Paul Kelly happy.

Problem was, she did stuff up, and Greg Sheridan noticed. In August, in the sort of language Sheridan usually reserved for the limp-wristed shillyshalling foreign policy Leftariat, he excoriated her over the Opposition’s handling of the Stern Hu matter, saying of the Coalition “it has probably for the moment definitively forfeited the right to be taken seriously as an alternative government.”

In case you were left wondering, Sheridan emphasised the point, calling Bishop’s response “internally contradictory, unprincipled, amoral beyond even the exigencies of parliamentary hypocrisy and profoundly stupid. Bishop was a dud shadow treasurer and is now a dud foreign affairs spokeswoman.”

Bishop had followed first Andrew Robb, and then Helen Coonan, in the role. Robb was the only frontbencher to lay a glove on Rudd early in the term, but then was moved to climate change by Malcolm Turnbull. Coonan barely had time to get her feet under the desk before she was moved to make way for Bishop.

Now not merely has Bishop managed to reveal confidential information about national security matters, she’s made herself look a prize goose. Her defence is that she didn’t understand the question.The exchange went:

Bishop: “It would be naive to think that Israel was the only country in the world that has used forged passports, including Australian passports, for security operations.”

Tim Lester: “What – we do?”

Bishop: “Yes.”

Quite what part of “What – we do?” isn’t clear is something of a mystery.

A defence along the lines of “I was a prize dill overplaying my hand as always and I’ll try to exercise better judgement in the future” might at least have earned her some Abbott-style “hey at least I admit I lie under pressure” points.

It was a red-letter day for the Coalition on foreign policy because Tony Abbott addressed the Asialink National Forum here in Canberra yesterday, along with the Prime Minister. Asialink is a Melbourne-based centre for promoting Asian engagement.

While Rudd offered his usual foreign policy boilerplate, Abbott chose to use the forum to tear into Labor, assailing Paul Keating’s focus on Asia, celebrating John Howard’s foreign policy skills, and attacking Rudd over people smuggling, refusing to sell uranium to India and Rudd’s Asia Pacific Community proposal. Abbott accused Rudd of “unilaterally-conceived utopian visions”, “giving up” on APEC, and blamed him for failing to reverse the trend of fewer Australian schoolchildren learning a second language.

It’s not the first time Abbott has felt the need to launch partisan attacks over foreign policy. He used President Yudhoyono’s address to Federal Parliament in March to talk about the increase in people smuggling and damn with faint praise Rudd’s engagement with Indonesia “rather than nebulous new communities.”

It doesn’t matter a great deal in the scheme of things, really, but it’s a subtle indicator both of Tony Abbott’s view of foreign policy and what sort of foreign policy focus he’d have if he ever became Prime Minister.


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84 thoughts on “Greg Sheridan was right! About Julie Bishop that is…

  1. deccles

    I wonder if Julie Bishop can spell potato ala Dan Quayle?

  2. Michael


    Not one word in today’s Rudd Promotion Column “RPC” is incorrect.
    Tony talks Foreign Policy like a true Statesman
    Rudd talks bullshit and turns bright pink

    And let’s hope it stays that way until Election ’10

  3. shepherdmarilyn

    I do wish they would stop whining about the non-existent people smuggling. It is not people smuggling to seek asylum, something the major parties have decided to ignore.

    Abbott is a blustering clown but the Howard mob did use false documents to deport innocent people to leave them to die in the wrong countries.

    Vivian Alvarez was sent to Manila and abandoned after saying she was Australian – DFAT and DIAC used a false document to do it.

    Many refugees have been deported on unsigned, illegal documents and sent to the wrong countries on them.

    Many have been killed after being sent away on these bogus documents and many have come back to us like boomerangs.

    How short are our media memories that they don’t remember the investigations by Margot O’Neill and the Edmund Rice Centre – it wasn’t that long ago.

    It was less than 6 years since Andra Jackson discovered the Bakhtiyari family were deported to Pakistan without permission from Pakistan or with any documents.

    They were dumped in the snows of Rawalipindi to die like dogs on the sides of the road. It was sheer guts that saw them survive 4 years in jail here followed by being deported from a hot summer to a freezing winter.

  4. cmagree

    Julie Bishop is where she is because the Liberal Party doesn’t have an affirmative action policy for women and therefore finds it hard to attract intellectually able women (not that I’m letting Gillard, Roxon and Wong etc off the hook for their willingness to support absurd policies).

  5. philllip

    I find it somewhat ironic that if Bishop wa an Israeli citizen and had revealed the same things about Israel’s intelligence activities she would now be languishing in a jail cell awaiting trial and almost certainly a long prison sentence and retrictions on her movemebts for the rest of her life.

    Yet the Liberal Party is more than happy to defend anything that Israel does.

  6. David Sanderson

    Julie does not need a foreign policy. She has the death stare and used to proper effect it could rid us of all the Kim Jong-il’s in the world.

  7. klewso

    The trouble for “Abbott’s Rabbits” seems to be that in their urgency to play “Mr Popularity” Rudd (because of the sort of figures he’s maintained, against any of their leaders, ever), and not the ball, is forgetting “there’s a country to run, and alternate policies and a tempered approach could come in handy”?
    As if there are brownie points for attacking Rudd’s “teflon” with your genitals, while the world revolves around thirty second sound-bites.
    And now the Bishop is wanting to use the Abbott’s “beat of atonement (? is that what he said? I had eye-liner in my ears)” defence?

  8. David Sanderson

    Whatever happened to all the soft-sell stories you used to see about Bishop ten years ago? The ones that would extol her brilliance and charm and her passionate convictions about something or other. She was supposed to be the Mrs Liberal, storming in from the west, who would overturn the stuffy Liberal patriarchy, but in a ladylike way.

    Don’t tell me it was all complete and utter bullshit!

    How very disappointing, I would so like to be able to trust journalists who write this sort of pap.

  9. jenauthor

    @ Michael
    “Tony talks Foreign Policy like a true Statesman
    Rudd talks bullshit and turns bright pink
    And let’s hope it stays that way until Election ‘10”

    Can I ask, Michael, what drugs you are taking? Cause they surely are causing a strange kind of psychosis.

  10. Michael


    Isn’t it interesting how the hairy crotched feminists will launch their sinewy bodies at anyone from the Right who dares misspeak of all things female and yet you can patronize & demean women (Julia Bishop) in the most vile manner without the Witches Of Eastwick raising their voice one decibel. Their policy is “I may spew my hot bile in your face at the first sign of any attempt by a man to express an opinion on women – but I will defend until my death the exemption available to the Left”
    F#@k*ng hypocrites!

  11. Mr Denmore

    I agree it’s hard to see what Julie Bishop brings to the Liberal Party. I think someone might have “nailed it” (so to speak) a couple of weeks ago when they observed that her stiched-up, well-coiffed, death-stare primness might appeal to a certain sort of Liberal Party male brought up in boarding school and hankering for the firm hand of a schoolmarm.

    She really appears to have no political antennae or thoughts of her own. She just repeats the most rabid, lunatic and paranoid ravings that she picks up from the backroom, self-abusing, mummy-addicted spotty Young Liberal nutters who form the party’s “intellectual” wing these days.

  12. Michael


    You clearly have not been to an ALP meeting lately.

    They make the Greens seem sane

  13. Socratease

    @BK: “What’s the point of Julie Bishop’s political existence?”

    In an Abbot government, Julie Bishop will be positioned atop a very tall tower on Christmas Island, seeking out suspicious looking boats and incinerating them with one long stare.

    (and Bernard, in the 4th para you might like to make it read “principal task”)

  14. Sausage Maker

    I thought it was the job of all Australian politicians to make the editors and journos over at the Oz happy? Greg Sheridan isn’t the only hack at News Ltd that has to send a report card to Mr. Murdoch showing that he/she has helped expand his/her master’s empire.

  15. David Sanderson

    Michael, can anyone top you for hysterical nonsense? When it comes to the unhinged and the rabid you exceed even Jamesk – and that’s not easy to do.

  16. beachcomber

    Julie Bishop highlights the problem the Coalition has with women. They see them as the Handbags of politics: designed to complement the outfit rather than attract too much attention to themselves.

    She’s been handbag to 3 leaders, and stuffed up in a series of shadow portfolios.

    She is hopeless as an MP, and if she was a man she would have been dumped ages ago.

    With Gillard shining they believe they still need a woman Deputy. Julie Bishop remains because the alternatives are bizarre: the only one with any profile is Bronwyn Bishop.

  17. Michael


    I’ll take that as a compliment [Moderator: This comment has been edited. Play nice kids.]

  18. David Sanderson

    The “hairy crotched feminists” is particularly surreal. It is likely that Queen Victoria, Margaret Thatcher and even (gasp) Julie Bishop has, like almost every other woman in the world, a “hairy crotch”. According to our resident misogynist Michael they must all be a blight upon the world.

    What a ridiculous little man

  19. engano

    Probably the most disturbing thing about Julie Bishop’s reaction to the expulsion of the Mossad agent is the feeling that Australian politicians – like those of other English-speaking first world countries – should bow down to Israel at every opportunity, no matter the circumstances. It is for this reason I admired Helen Clark, she was the only leader in any of those countries who had the balls to stand up to Tel Aviv. Back in 2004 she went ballistic when 2 Mossad agents tried to illegally obtain Kiwi passports. The Israel reaction? A rumoured Mossad plot to assassinate her.

    Also, the problem with Israel today is that any criticism is seen as being anti-Jewish or anti-Sematic. Utter rubbish. For too long Israel has used the emotion surrounding the Holocaust as an excuse to do what it likes. It is an insult to every Jew who was killed by the Nazis.

    As for Bishop, it is a sad state of affairs that she could potentially be representing Australia on the world stage inside the next 12 months. Should that happen, Hilary Clinton will eat her for breakfast.

  20. Phil

    I now understand why Bishop is the deputy, she’s there to make the leader look good. In Abbott’s case an impossibility.

  21. jenauthor

    Agree Phil. His actual chest-beating in QT just now was a sight to behold. All he needs to do know is swagger along dragging his knuckles on the ground and he will officially be the missing link!

    Hairy-crotched or no, it doesn’t matter what gender a politician is — it is all about substance, or lack thereof.

    Julie has shown no substance or trustworthiness. TA has shown no honesty or trustworthiness (and more than his share of chimpanzee genes). Poor member for North Sydney … has shown no real ticker (he sighs mournfully as a preamble whenever he asks a question in QT.

    Andrew Robb needs to go back on sick leave and Chris Pyne needs to stop taking ‘irritating pratt pills’.

  22. jenauthor

    Funny thing — every male ‘ve come across is hairy-crotched. Meaningful insult? I think not.

  23. Rena Zurawel

    Julie Bishop should learn one important principle: If you have nothing to say – say nothing.
    Now, I would be really scared to travel overseas on my Australian genuine passport. The whole world has been notified that our travel docs may be false. Thanks, Julie.

    I was watching the Question Time this afternoon. There was a striking contrast between the performance of our two political parties: The Liberals seem to come to the Chamber totally unprepared. It is not only Julie Bishop who does not know how to do her homework. Her colleagues are just as bad.

  24. Michael

    David there is much you find surreal hear petal and that worries me.
    For now and by way of counseling, I wouldn’t let it worry you unduly.
    [Moderator — this comment has been edited for highly inappropriate comments. There is no need to get personal.]

  25. davidk

    Michael, I don’t think you should be to quick to pass judgement on the sanity of others. People in glass houses……..

  26. Michael


    I’m not passing judgement on his sanity – that judgement came in some time ago – but I do find it outrageous how he can vilify, demean, humiliate and generally besmirch Julia Bishop because she is a female and the feminists in this forum, who are in plague proportions, stand by ad fiddle with their knitting.

  27. OBlizzard

    [Moderator — this comment has been edited for highly inappropriate comments. There is no need to get personal.]

    Par for the course with that particular poster.

  28. jenauthor

    Guys — how do you indent someone else’s post when pasting into your own?

  29. Michael


    !@#$%!!! & *^%(#$ !!! and what’s more $%@#$^& !!!!

    Self moderation.

  30. harrybelbarry

    Ms Bishop is just following the Fiberal line, go in hard and Bullshit and then act dumb. David Sanderson, thats a big call about jimmiek & micheal , but a right call. They are testing new drugs , to top up their pensions. The fiberals cannot sack her, the front bench is a bit thin on talent, Wilson Tuckey from the back bench ?

  31. Pippen123

    Ah Julie if only you spent the same amount of time (and money) on learning your portfolio as you do on yourself (makeup, earings, Julie Bishop “smart cars” lol, hair, fashion).

  32. shepherdmarilyn

    Julie was lawyer for the company fighting compensation payments to miners from Wittenoom as workers were dying all over the place.

  33. bakerboy

    Julie’s best attribute is that she has a great body (for her age!) She should resume her legal career asap. BTW, we DO use forged passports (among other things) but we DON’T talk about it.

  34. jenauthor

    Julie’s best attribute is that she has a great body

    Maybe, but she walks like a man. Nothing at all feminine about her.

  35. baal

    “It doesn’t matter a great deal in the scheme of things, really, but it’s a subtle indicator both of Tony Abbott’s view of foreign policy and what sort of foreign policy focus he’d have if he ever became Prime Minister.”

    No “subtle indicator” at all. All he’s doing is lying, but only in the sense that he doesn’t care what he says as long as it makes enough nonsense to attract attention and is forgotten two days later. I thought he explained very carefully to us (via K O’Brien) how his mouth and thought process are aligned.

  36. bakerboy

    Jenauthor – yes, I have noticed that walk – but that just means she’s powered by testosterone which all lawyers, male or female, need to succeed in their profession.

  37. Chris Owens

    Poor Julie. She really appeared out of her depth. You could see how excited she was that she had some super duper secret information that she could share with Lester, and you could see straight after how much she realised she’d cocked up when she almost instantaneously denied what she said. She must have realised, at that time, that she was talking to a reporter and not a Liberal back bencher.
    But a gaffe is one thing. To deny it the next day when it is on video is appalling. I know most voters think politicians lie but are these Liberals so lazy that they don’t even bother trying to hide it anymore?

  38. PatriciaWA

    Julie Bishop – Special Envoy to the Middle East?

    Julie Bishop seems born to be
    A latter day Mata Hari.
    She’s in the wrong vocation
    In that Canberra location.
    Just look at those eyes
    Someone should advise
    Her to don the burqa.
    Become an undercover worker.
    If she were in Israel
    She would not fail
    To get a job
    With the Mossad mob.
    They are in need of spies
    Willing to wear disguise
    Provided they have brought
    Along an Oz passport.
    Then she could go to Pakistan
    Where they suspect this man
    The dread unspeakable Osama
    Posing as a quasi Dalai Lama
    And plotting Judaism’s demise
    With every evil plan he can devise
    Is hiding out in caves
    With followers and slaves.
    Although undoubtedly Caucasian
    Julie’s Aussie tan looks somewhat Asian.
    Easy for her to infiltrate
    That camp and captivate
    With piercing glances and heartfelt sighs
    And that talent of hers to mesmerize.
    No need for lewd or crude undress
    For the plot to end in ultimate success.
    If success is measured
    By what is treasured
    And what is learned
    By all concerned
    Could be that Julie Bishop’s legendary eyes
    Will achieve for her that glittering prize
    Of happiness, after leaving all our Western lies
    To live behind the veil where eyes are valued more than thighs.

  39. David Sanderson

    Bakerboy and Jenauthor, your comments about her body and her “walk” are silly and inappropriate. And, yes, actually sexist.

  40. jenauthor

    David, as a writer I watch how people move. It tells a lot about character.

    For instance, a swaggering walk, like Julie’s (and incidentally Abbott’s) says they have a great deal of self confidence and generally feel a certain sense of superiority. If I was writing a character with those attributes, I would probably use that kind of walk as part of the picture I build.

    So despite being painted into corners by their own ineptitude, such a character will come out punching regardless and will refuse to back down despite being wrong.

    Evidence of the past couple of weeks would reinforce that for both Abbott and Bishop.

  41. bakerboy

    David Sanderson – is that your real name, we might be related. Politicians are fair game, they choose that role, so be it. Do you know what ‘facetious’ means?

  42. Daemon Singer

    @CMAGREE Bishop is where she is because she keeps the heads of their leaders de jour on straight. As long as they have to remember that she is there, and that they have to pay attention to her opening of her yap, much as they do with that fool from the West, iron bar Tuckey.

    Someone in the commentariat tonight has mentioned Rudd and turning pink, and there is much to be noted about his propensity for committees, but at the end of the day, only the Fifth Column talk about Leadership in the ALP, whereas under the iron fist of whoever is leading the liberals today, who knows who will be leader tomorrow.

  43. john s


    As a kiwi I was pretty proud of Helen Clark’s response, however to some degree you are not comparing like for like. In the NZ case the two Mossad agents were apprehended in NZ and put in the dock. The NZ govt asked Israel to confirm they were indeed Israeli agents, Israel refused to comply, and the ambassador was expelled on the understanding that he would be allowed back when Israel fessed-up(eventually they did, sorta, and he was). Even though the transgression was the same(passport fraud), the fact that they were operating in Aotearoa, the very fact that their agents were on trial, in a public trail, demanded a greater response from the NZ Govt. I suspect the fact that they were trying to steal the identity of a severely disabled man at the time they were caught didn’t do them any favours either. Throw in other differences in the NZ case, such as the fact that those having their identities stolen were not dual nationals living in Israel (a small fact of mitigation, but it all goes into the mix) and there are valid reasons the Aus response was calibrated differently. I’d say there’s a fair chance that given a situation where two Israeli agents were apprehended in Australia and put on trial here there’d have been a similar response.

  44. JamesK


    Wow! No sh1t!

    Whoda thunk it?

    Apparently not indignant leftists quoting real journalists……….

  45. Jeremy Davis

    That’s hardly the point James. Most people wouldn’t be surprised that government agencies the world over forge documents. I think Bishop’s former parliamentary colleagues best explain the issue here (thanks to Reps Hansard yesterday):

    “I follow the longstanding practice of my predecessors, both
    Labor and Liberal, of not commenting on intelligence and
    security matters—a very sound principle.”
    John Howard, 24 February 2004

    “… I’ll never walk away from this point—no responsible
    cabinet minister in our country, present or former, is going to
    get into the game of talking publicly about the operational
    side of our intelligence agencies.”
    Alexander Downer, 27 February 2004

  46. Syd Walker

    For me, this was the most significant statement in Bernard’s article:

    In fact the principle task of a Coalition foreign affairs spokesperson, either in Government or Opposition, is simple: keep The Australian happy, which means pretty much keeping Greg Sheridan and Paul Kelly happy.

    Though written in humourous vein, this is really acute political commentary that gets to the heart of things. It provides a partial, yet informative, explanation for the lop-sided, pro-Israel policies of both major political parties in this country – and the tendency of both parties to send Australians to war, irrespective of the merits of the case, and to feel no pressure afterwards to even offer an apology when the initial pretext for war is found to be a pack of lies. It also helps explain why significant cuts in military and ‘Intelligence’ spend are never, ever on the mainstream political agenda.

    The really shocking thing – to my way of thinking – is that such a comment can go almost unnoticed and unremarked.

    Are informed Australians really so used to the idea that ONE dominant corporation within the privately-owned mass media – and the interests behind it – dominate this nation’s foreign policy? Are we so used to this that we simply don’t care any more, resigning ourselves to this state of affairs as an inevitability?

    Do NONE of the politicians in our Parliaments have the nerve to actually discuss this crucial matter under Parliamentary privilege? (sadly, even The Greens have had very little to say about it)

  47. davidk

    @ Michael, I couldn’t see any attack on Bishop over her gender in the article, merely on her being a dill and this essential truth wouldn’t change if she were a he.

  48. asdusty

    Syd, the great Jihn Pilger describes our current situation most appropriately, a Murdochracy


    But it was Chomsky in the 80’s that best described the propaganda model that so many ascribe to today in “Manufacturing Consent”. When faced with a capitalist society that ensures most are too busy to pay attention, many too poorly educated to understand and ensures all messages are delivered by corporate interests, it is no wonder that even informed Australians cannot rail against its inequities.

    As for pollies standing up and discussing issues in the face of powerful lobbies, in the words of our Dear Leader Rupert Murdoch, “You can have a headline a day, or a bucket of sh*t a day, its your choice?”. The pack can see that Rudds not getting any headlines, so they are not gonna stick their heads above the parapet.

  49. harrybelbarry

    thanks Jeremy davis , wonder why no News didnt use this?

  50. Michael


    Nice poem.
    It certainly makes you point succinctly.
    I for one don’t share your view of women in power being bimbos and from what you say clearly the product of affirmative action.
    What other explanation can there be? I for one think she is doing her job wonderfully as is Julia Gillard.
    You, on the other hand, think her so completely out of her depth as a female in a man’s world that it speaks volumes for you.
    I can point you in the right direction to a nice little shop in the CBD that sells self esteem to lifeless bimbos like you.

  51. Syd Walker


    Two thoughts spring to mind re: the latest ‘revelation’, this time in the SMH (and thanks for pointing it out, by the way)

    First, thanks to the antics of Julie Bishop, Greg Sheiridan and co, followed now by ‘anonymous sources’, whom we’re told are within the Australian ‘intelligence services’ (but we must take that on trust, needless to say), Israel has a new one-liner to fend off criticism over its recurrent mis-use of passports: “Australia does it too!”

    Second, that one-liner would be very misleading. Even if we assume today’s story is accurate, it says clearly that the Australian and Israeli practices are very different.

    The key issue, I infer, is that the national databases of passports must match a given physical passport. An ‘intelligence agency’ could therefore collude with its own government (ASIO with Foreign Affairs, for example) – or with other governments – to create a fictious identity, then make a physical passport to match it.

    The Israelis, on the other hand, seem to make a habit of using real identities (dead or alive). That suggests they are not willing to ask for permission before faking the passport of a foreigner, such as an Australian.

    Perhaps they fear than even Ziophilicd Australian Governments might say no to their illegal and evil extra-judicial executions?

  52. JamesK

    @Syd Walker

    Obviously the loss of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh to humanity must cut you deeply.

    But not me.

    Rudd’s motive here is the real question.

    France and Germany not reknown Israel supporters have not mirrored Canberra.

    Julie Bishop was correct to point to the hypocrisy.

  53. Daemon Singer

    @SYD Walker Surely that would be “Zionophilic”

    Interestingly, the result here http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Zionophilic would indicate that the use of the word, whilst acceptable today as a personal bastardisation of the language, is looking up in terms of usage, since it has been used on 3 other occasions. I am now planning to use it as frequently as possible, to increase it’s Googlisation. My congratulations for giving a name to a disease most Western societies today suffer from, and for which the only cure is probably Iran.


  54. GC51

    Does ” Loyal Julie” have something on the party that she is holding over them?
    Any party that keeps someone as gaffe prone in any position where a comment may be required can’t expect the public to take them seriously. Or could it be that she is simply no threat to the leadership?

  55. Michael

    GC51 – A2B2

    Applying the same theory can one conclude that Peter Garrett has a photo of the entire Labor Caucus practicing for Sodom & Gomorra?

  56. baal

    @JamesK: Any other dispensable world criminals you’d like to do away with? Do give us a list. Could be an interesting intellectual challenge.

  57. GC51

    Hi Michael,
    Not sure it’s the same theory, as he isn’t the Deputy Leader, but it’s an interesting, (and scary), visual.
    I don’t think Pete has much of a future either as it happens.
    P.S practising the verb not practicing the noun.

  58. Michael


    Well let’s start with every Muslim that owns a gun.

  59. engano

    John S
    Thanks for clearing up the details of the NZ case. I wasn’t trying to compare like with like, I was simply pointing out that Helen Clark had the guts to stand up to Israel [and on more than one occasion if memory serves me correct]. While the two cases are vastly different the Israeli reaction is pretty much the same – “How dare you criticise us in public?”

    To everybody else who questions the validity of the Rudd government’s actions, defends Bishop or is trying to justify the ‘execution’ of the Hamas ‘terrorist’ I ask you this – had an Australian been caught overseas forging passports and stealing the identity of an Israeli national or anybody else for that matter, what would you expect our government’s response to be?

  60. Cuppa

    The Hollow (Wo)man.

  61. JamesK

    Is that the best you can do BAAL?

    Play the typically dishonest lefty and pretend that I really said something that I didn’t actually say and then self-righteously attack that?

    Perhaps you realise the truth that lefties can’t be right and consequently you’ve given up the argument?

    Unfortunately for you appearing to be self-righteous doesn’t actually come close being right.

    Not even close.


    No cigar.

  62. Michael


    Interesting question you pose – let’s break it up into 2 questions:

    Question 1 – What would Israel do if 12 ASIO agents stole 12 Israeli passports, travelled to Dubai and assassinated Mahmoud al-Mabhouh?

    Answer – I suspect they would be made national heroes, provided with the keys to Tel A Viv and flowers tossed at their feet every step taken by them in Israel.

    Question 2 – What would Iran do if 12 ASIO agents stole 12 Iranian passports, travelled to Tel A Viv and assassinated Benjamin Netanyahy?

    Answer – I don’t believe the Middle East has enough virgins to cater for the offerings made to our ASIO brothers.

  63. GC51

    No grey areas with you it seems.
    Those Muslim farmers are in for some stick, hope there aren’t any in Australia with a legal gun licence to get rid of vermin. Probably some of those pesky boat people. It’s probably cheaper than the Libs new Pacific Solution, I hope Tony reads Crikey, he could do with something radical. A win/win if ever there was one for the racists.

  64. GC51

    At the risk of copping a serve, BAAL didn’t really much choice in taking your comment they way he/she did. The use of terms like terrorist and the callous/condescending way you wrote about the killing didn’t leave BAAL, (or anyone else), with much else to work on. I think some of the right persuasion draw the line at violating a country’s sovereign rights and killing a foreign citizen in their country. Then there is the matter of the passport cloning to consider, not a good look for Israel. Unlawful killing isn’t acceptable no matter who commits the act. Here endeth the sermon.

  65. baal

    @Michael. I take it you are armed and prepared and with a plan? I wish you luck.
    @JamesK. You said ‘Obviously the loss of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh to humanity must cut you deeply. But not me’. Meaning you approve of his assassination and by inference anyone else killed of whom you disapprove. If you can’t do better than calling your critics ‘lefties’ perhaps you’d be better off scrawling on a nice clean wall somewhere.

  66. Holden Back

    @ BAAL
    Should we start a collection to buy Michael a ticket to Islamabad?

  67. GC51

    Just a single I would imagine.

  68. Michael


    I’m banking on the fact that the West has more bullets then there are Muslims. – give or take.

  69. Holden Back

    @GC51 Yairs. Opening fire on the Pakistani police should sort things out fairly quickly.

  70. Michael

    @GC51 – R2D2

    I heard that

  71. JamesK


    Please reconsider these two positions:


    I’m not sorry that Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh(“of whom you disapprove” BAAL tells me) is dead and obviously and consequentially can no longer ply his evil stock-in-trade .

    That would be “killing people” by the by.

    “Unlawfully” even.

    Etc., after inane etc.



    BAAL:”@JamesK: Any other dispensable world criminals you’d like to do away with? Do give us a list. Could be an interesting intellectual challenge.”

    Now I agree that the differences for lefties here are subtle.

    Or to put it another way the moral equivalence ‘issues’ are equivalent as in: ‘no diff’

    But try. Walk a centimetre in my shoes so to speak ……

    Etc after inane etc.

    Now GC51 I call on you again to repeat your stupid inanities:

    “BAAL didn’t really much choice in taking your comment they way he/she did”
    particularly “use of terms like terrorist”

    I’m sure you are a very nice person GC51.

    Its not you.

    It’s your disingenuous infantile argument that’s “copping a serve”

  72. Holden Back

    @ Michael
    It’s your fantasy.

  73. GC51

    Hey there cowboy.
    My arguments may be infantile and disingenuous, (I don’t think so, but then I’m probably biased), but at least they are written in a form that is intelligible.
    What’s goin’ on in your head buddy?
    I think you may be overdue for your next coherent tablet.

  74. Tamo

    I guess every conservative party in every Western Country must have its own Sarah Palin.

  75. baal

    @Michael. Bank away. But you still got to get someone to pull the trigger. Suggestions how this killing of all armed Muslims might be achieved, or is it just a joyous delusion?

  76. David Sanderson

    “I’m banking on the fact that the West has more bullets then there are Muslims. – give or take.”

    Is Crikey being overrun with sad little morons?

  77. baal

    They are the bastard great grand children of the original armchair hero Colonel Blimp

  78. Holden Back

    The fact that ‘the West’ sells many bullets, (and fighter jets) to Muslim countries would seem to bear out your assertion.

    What happens next?

  79. Michael


    Mate we just keep selling, shooting & shouting.

  80. Holden Back

    @ Michael
    General Melchett, eh? Go shatzi, actualise.

  81. JamesK


    As Tonto said to the cowboy:

    “Him finally find out what Kemo Sabe means!”

    OK buddy?

  82. GC51

    I’ve been out in the real world so I missed reading your latest comment until now.
    Him still no understand you, but I am O.K. Thanks for asking.
    I do love your one liners no matter how far they roam from the original topic.
    I’m off outside again, so if you get back to me I might not get to read any comments.
    Have a good weekend in the compound.

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