Shake-up at Nine News Brisbane? Are Nine boss David Gyngell and Darren Wick, Nine’s Sydney news director, about to make a move to try and purge Leigh Anderson, the veteran journo running Nine’s underperforming 6pm News in Brisbane? Word around the TV industry and Nine is that Wick is leading the charge and will appoint ACA reporter Amanda Paterson,¬† Wick’s good buddy and go-to gal from his days as ACA EP. Who can forget the monstering ACA, Wick and Patterson received from Media Watch back in 2007?

What’s puzzling people in TV land is why the move now and why Patterson? She has no experience whatsoever in running a newsroom, which takes vastly different skills than what she can offer. Is it because the duo are ‘up and comers’ in Gyngell’s eyes? And why is Wick doing¬†the job of network news and current affairs boss Mark Calvert?

Coles culture wars. Coles supermarkets are currently undergoing an intense internal culture war between the new UK imports and the local Aussies. Unfortunately, for the locals, it is quite obvious that, in general, the UK imports are much smarter and more highly qualified than the Aussies who work at Coles.

Coles has suffered from not being able to attract good-quality employees for the past 50 years, whereas in the UK, retail has been a sexy place to be for the past three decades. Import Managing Director Ian McLeod and his cronies were astonished to find the low level of education of most in senior ranks at Coles. They have removed most of the top 200 managers, but there is one area they haven’t touched on just yet — HR. Yes, amazingly the area responsible for people is still the most underwhelming in terms of its own senior people. But there could be a shake-up in HR imminent…

Sydney’s Metro blowout. The compensation bill for the NSW government’s failed Metro to Rozelle has blown out far beyond the reported $500 million. But to exactly how much? And does keeping this mess as low key as possible mean that taxpayers have to fork out megabucks upon megabucks to prevent any broken contract from ending up in court?

No bonus at Sensis? Sensis management confirmed Friday that no bonuses will be given out in October. It was communicated by word of month only because “they didn’t want the email leaked”.

Newspaper free-for-all (we’ve lost count): The Crystal Car Washes in Sydney supply a free Daily Telegraph with every wash. Comes with the ‘free’ coffee.

Newspaper free-for-all (cont’): The Canberra Times is available for free daily at Kingston Station, Canberra.