NSW Transport Minister David Campbell has resigned after Channel Seven aired footage of him allegedly using his government car to visit gay sex clubs.

A gay sex scandal. The papers couldn’t have written it better themselves.

With the Keneally Government’s popularity already in the dumps, will this prove an appropriately tabloid ending to the ongoing soap opera that has been the NSW ALP Government? The pundits are trying their best to make sure it is. Here’s what they’re saying today:

The Australian

Imre Salusinszky: Discgrace for the man, and the media

If there was ever a chance the popular Keneally could drag Labor back into electoral contention, it has evaporated.

Sydney Morning Herald

Sean Nicholls: Whiff of disrepute just got a whole lot worse for Keneally

… [it] has removed any gloss she might have brought to the leadership after Nathan Rees was ousted.

Andrew West: Plot lost first, credibility, then interest

… Campbell had lost all interest in the job.

Andrew Stevenson: The days of privacy in politics are gone

He has committed several wrongs but paid a higher price than most.

Daily Telegraph

Editorial: State riding on a bumpy road

… as an outcome of the latest scandal to hit this Government, it could barely be worse

Geoff Field: Stupid and morally wrong but an absolute tragedy

… this story is an absolute tragedy in so many ways.