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New South Wales

May 21, 2010

David Campbell typical of Ken’s double-life clientele

There will be a number of nervous politicians today in the wake of the David Campbell scandal. Not that anyone should be surprised, writes sex industry insider Chris Seage.

There will be a number of nervous politicians today in the wake of the David Campbell scandal. Not that anyone should be surprised.

The NSW transport minister resigned from his ministerial post last night after a Channel Seven news crew filmed him coming out of a well-known Sydney gay sauna, Ken’s at Kensington. The media is reveling in revealing each sordid detail of the sexual activity inside.

It appears that the justification of outing Campbell was that he used his ministerial car to journey to and from the gay sex on premises venue. However under NSW parliament rules Campbell has full rights to the car, including private travel.

The fact that the Seven crew stalked the gay sauna waiting like vultures to attack their prey has sent shivers down the back of other politicians who lead double lives.

What I would like to know is who dobbed Campbell in and told Seven he would be frequenting the gay sauna? Surely not the good folk at Ken’s at Kensington?

There is a time-honored code within the NSW sex industry to never reveal customers’ identities as doing so would be a serious breach of privacy. It would also be the death knell of the sex venue concerned as no one would ever return for fear of being outed.

Back in 2007 I reported for Crikey about the code and that I knew the names of five current and former NSW pollies that frequented brothels and sex on premises venues. Campbell was one of them.

Ian, the owner of Sydney’s leading gay brothel Knight Call Male Escorts told Crikey this morning that bi-sexual married men marry for the sake of their family, thus living a double life.

“They can use a brothel to release their gay needs. In turn this may decrease the amount of divorces relating to finding out your husband is gay”, he said.

He said most of the bi-sexual married men were in the 40-plus age bracket and came from a variety of backgrounds, including high-end leaders in the corporate world, movie stars and entertainers.

He also mentioned that many were from TV stations. We dare not mention their names…

Update: Originally in this article Ken’s at Kensington was referred to as a brothel. This is not true, it is a sex on premises venue.

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23 thoughts on “David Campbell typical of Ken’s double-life clientele

  1. (the other) BernardK

    Chris – you refer to Ken’s as a brothel. It isn’t.
    Are you ACTUALLY saying that as well as making use of Sex on Premises Venues, that Campbell ALSO frequented brothels and paid for sex – as distinct for paying to be on premises where you can have non-commercial sex?

    If you’re happy to breach the “code” by outing Campbell as a client of a brothel, why not out the other 4 – and mention the names of the reporters etc.

    This deserves a nomination for the Wankleys mate.

  2. BobBarker

    Bernard your so right. Chris in your haste to jump on this bandwagon you’ve got it completely wrong. Your point about a ‘code of silence’ may also apply to sex venues but still…. get it right.

  3. Tomboy

    I thought the NSW Parliament was known as the “Bear Pit”…

  4. Leon Osborne

    I back up the above comments Kens is not a brothel. By stating it’s a brothel, it appears that he paid for sex. It is a sex on premises venus

  5. Chris Seage

    Sex industry premises comprise premises where sexual acts or sexual services
    are provided, and sex on premises venues. These include:

    (i) Brothels;

    (ii) Safe house brothels for street-based sex workers;

    (iii) Sex on premises venues;

    (iv) Swingers clubs; and

    (v) Bondage and discipline parlours.

    Sex Industry Premises are:

    Premises used for sex between clients but where sex services do not take place in exchange for payment (such as sex on premises venues, swingers clubs).

    Swingers’ clubs and gay saunas (where an entrance fee is charged) are classed in the same category as brothels and sex-on-premises venues, all of which require the council’s consent.

  6. paddy

    Actually, the responsibility for this piece of garbage (masquerading as journalism) rests with Crikey’s editor Sophie Black. She decides what goes in the daily newsletter and the manner in which it appears. (To misquote a certain ex pollie.)
    WTF were you thinking Sophie?
    How did this rubbish get past your mouse? 🙁

  7. Bob the builder

    you should at least out any of the miserable media sc*m who back up Campbell!

    PS Apart from the fuzzy use of ‘brothel’ I think it’s a fairly uncontroversial article – why the fuss?
    Paddy, hope you’ve already told your best friend Guy that this is nowhere near as good as his writing.

  8. (the other) BernardK

    So Chris – you concede that Ken’s is not a brothel, but for planning/council purposes is treated as one. So are you going to stand your ground and confirm that, yes it was your intention to say that he frequented brothels as well as sex on premises venues?

    Or are you saying that the other pollies or ex pollies whom you decline to name used “sex industry premises” – which includes (i) thru (v), but maybe not the commercial sex ones?

    To the best of my knowledge no one else in the media is suggesting that Campbell partook in commercial sex; you have. I suggest you either apologise and withdraw or put up, and incur the wrath of your former colleagues for telling tales and breaking the omerta

  9. Robert Hughes

    Chris: Ken’s is still not as brothel, plain and simple. And Crikey: shame on you for not proof-reading this drivel.

  10. Jason Whittaker

    Beloved readers,

    We’ve amended this report to clarify that Ken’s at Kensington is a sex-on-premises venue, not a brothel. We agree that this is an important distinction; sorry for not picking it up earlier.


    Jason Whittaker
    Deputy Editor