The 178 people ASIC has sent to jail

Sunday, May 20, 2001

2. February 1991 Kin Pin Yiu and Cho Hong Yam: 8 years for conspiracy to defraud investors of $6.4 million.

3. May 1991, disqualified company director Ernst Abraham Siewertsz Van Reesman: a year for being a director whilst disqualified.

4. October 1991, company director Joseph Anthony Talia: 2 years for offering debentures without a prospectus or deed.

5. December 1991, former Sydney company director Edward Hunter Heslop: 5 years on nine counts of cheating and defrauding (JLS Services p/l).

6. December 1991. former licensed investment adviser Thomas William Skelly: 3 years on 19 charges of obtaining property by deception.

7. February 1992, Former stockbroker and investment adviser with Byron Moore Journeaux, David James Moffat: 1 year for theft.

8. May 1992, Former Melbourne self-employed investment consultant Robert Gordon Neilson: 2 years on three charges of theft and four charges of obtaining financial advantage by deception.

9. June 1992, a former director and a former general manager of Lombard Nash (International) Bernt Berentsen and Andrew Peter Anderton: 2 years periodic detention for fraud.

10. June 1992, former director of CIC Insurance Phillip John Law: 4 years on 24 charges of fraud and cheating.

11. July 1992 – former Geelong financial adviser Alan Reginald Worts: 3.5 years on 20 counts of theft amounting to $565,000.

12. September 1992- disqualified Adelaide company director Ernst Van Reesema: 11 months for being a company director whilst disqualified.

13. September 1992 – Robin Sarah Greenburg, former MD of Perth-based Western Women Financial Services: 17 years gaol on two counts of stealing, 45 counts of misusing her position as a director, one count of failing to supply records, one count of destroying records, one count of arson contrary to the bush fires act (WA).

14. December 1992, solicitor Nigel Peter Smith: 18 months for being knowingly concerned in the commission of an offence by David Paul Howe, a director of Farndale P/L.

15. March 1993, Terrence Keith Burke: four months for concealing company books in Launceston.

16. May 1993, former director of Falcon Australia Ltd, Mullins Investment P/L and Minefield Exploration NL – Martin Desmond Mullins: 30 months on two counts of procuring execution of valuable securities.

17. June 1993 – former Adelaide investment adviser Michael Joseph Veigli: 2 years for 27 charges of issuing applications to subscribed for shares in Investors Equity Group Ltd without a registered prospectus.

18. June 1993 – former Adelaide director of Sy-Quest International Ltd jack Newman: 1 year on 10 charges relating to breaches of the prospectus provisions

19. June 1993 , former director Gordon Arthur Filmer: 18 months on 10 charges of managing the affairs of Affordable Funerals whilst disqualified.

20. 24 June 1993 Former Melbourne investment adviser David John Gibson: 12 years on 51 charges of deception, forgery and making a false document over $7 million.

21. August 1993 , Melbourne man Russell John Delaney: 2 months for misleading statements and gaining a financial advantage by deception.

22. September 1993, Melbourne Investment Adviser Gavin John Anderson: 6 years on 6 counts of theft from a quadriplegic he was to manage money for.

23. September 1993, former Hobart building company director Terrence John Hasler: 9 months on charges of making improper use of his position as director to gain advantage.

24. November 1993, former managing director of Estate Mortgage Ltd Richard Lew and his father Reubin Lew: 3 years and 2 years respectively for breaches of directors duties, Richard Lew was also ordered to pay $50,000 to the trustees of Meridian Investment Trust.

25. November 1993, former Melbourne Investment Adviser Anthony Bird Burgess: 40 months on six charges of theft from his clients worth $500,000.

26. December 1993, Former operator of La Tenda restaurant and night club in Perth Vincenzo Salvatore Todaro: 1 year for improperly using his position as an officer of D B De Bartolomeis Aust to gain advantage.

27. December 1993, former director of Queensland based Chemex Chemicals P/L, Gilheasboig Kerr Mackie: 6 months for making improper use of position as a director.

28. January 1994 – Former Adelaide company director George Karounos: 2.5 years for conspiracy to defraud.

29. March 1994 Brisbane Businessman Grahamme Douglas McDougall: 3 years for misappropriation of property worth $57,000.

30. May 1994 – former Melbourne Director Dale Leigh Pedersen: 2 years obtaining property by deception, making false entries and failing to act honestly (SVO Limousines).

31. June 1994 former accountant with AP Consolidated Pty Ltd Peter Reuben Schnieder: 4 years on six charges including falsification of books, theft to the value of $1.1 million and four counts of obtaining financial advantage

32. July 1994 – bankrupt Adelaide accountant and auditor Barry Kevin Edgecombe: 18 months for improper use of his position as secretary of R&W Investments.

33. July 1994 – former director of Australian Carbon Ltd Gerhard Joseph Cole: 1 year on 19 charges including providing false information to the ASX and making improper use of his position as a director at Australian Carbon.

34. August 1994, former director of failed company National Associated Plywood Pty Ltd Paul Henry Baldwin: 9 months periodic detention and 200 hours community service on 21 counts of falsification of company stock records and failing to act honestly.

35. October 1994, Adelaide forestry scheme promoter David Stuart Woolgrove: 2 years on 16 counts of breaching the Corporations Law by offering invitations to purchase alleged prescribed interests (Forestry Management Pty Ltd)

36. October 1994, former director of Convention Planners Pty Ltd Christopher John Bannerman: 8 months for making improper use of position as director.

37. December 2 1994 West Australian director Con Barris: 4 years for illegally authorising payments of $274,000 to his private company.

38. January 16 1995 Brisbane Businessman Kanwal Nain Singh: 6 months for forgery.

39. February 21 1995 Kanwal Nain Singh: further 6 weeks for managing a corporation whilst undischarged bankrupt and convicted person.

40. May 4 1995 – former Sydney director Peter Dimitri: 1 month for illegally inviting the public to subscribe for shares in Gemboree Pty Ltd.

41. Friday 5 May 1995 – unlicensed futures trader Peter Francis Peck: 3.5 years futures trading.

42. 12 May 1995 Melbourne company directors David Callaghan and Leigh Grant: 8 and 5 years respectively for stealing more than $9 million from MMI Insurance and overseas investors;

43. May 15 1995 Geoffrey Puttick: 2 years for improperly using his position as a director to deposit $100,000 of company funds into private company;

44. 17 May 1995 Equity Management Corporation’s Douglas Miller, Alan Rose and Arthur Murphy were sentenced to 18, 18 and 12 months respectively;

45. June 1995 Jaimie Craven – an associate of Brian Yuill in the Spedley group of companies – was gaoled initially for 6 months for contempt and then 6 months for breach of directors duties.

46. June 26 1995 Managing director of Growth Industries Management, David Towey: 16 months for misleading company auditors and using his position to obtain a $700,000 personal benefit;

47. South Australian Garry William Lovering: 18 months and 25 months on charges of improperly using his position as a director of GIM.

48. September 1995 Entity Group’s Garry Carter: 4 years.

49. December 1995 Former MD of Spedley Securities Ltd, Brian Yuill: additional 2.5 years. Already serving two separate terms of three years and nine months, and 2.5 years, for breaching director’s duties.

50. December 1995 Direct Acceptance Corporation’s Ray Lord and John Riordan: 2.5 years each.

51. September 1995 Equity Minerals’ Simon Lill, Michael Bibby and Brian Welch: 18 months each.

52. December 1995 Michael Bibby: 1 year on charges arising from his role as a director of Cityscape Limited;

53. November 1995 Stockbroker and former manager of the Perth Stock Exchange, Harold Christensen: 2 years for share price manipulation;

54. August 1995 Accountant James Crowl: 4 years for $900,000 fraud.

55. July 27 1995 – Desley Dawn Smith: 9 months for falsifying company records on wages and tax instalments.

56. August 1995 Company director Anthony Whittall: 18 months after extradition from NZ on charges of misusing his position to gain a personal advantage. Ordered to pay $693,000 compo to receiver.

57. August 1995 John Becroft Allison: 2 years for managing Valdaze Pty Ltd and Solidoor Pty Ltd when undischarged bankrupt.

58. October 1995 in Perth, MD Paper Products Pty Ltd, Coomaraswamy Sivandran: 3 years for stealing $524,200;

59. October 1995 Robert Brian Dawson: 9 months for managing Coffsgate Industrial Estate whilst an insolvent under administration.

60. November 1995 Sydney businessman George Adler: 6 months for managing companies whilst disqualified. Previously served 18 months for cheating and defrauding a company.

61. December 1995 in Tasmania, Helen Bartley: 3.66 years for stealing and falsifying company books;

62. March 1996 Micheal Wayne Childs: 9 months for managing two WA companies whilst disqualified.

63. May 1996 Gavin Keith Hyland: 4.5 years on charges relating to false pretences and wilful false promise contrary to the Queensland Criminal Code.

64. May 15 1996 Robert Alan Hodge: 2 years for misusing position as director of General Investments Australia Limited to obtain almost $6 million for his private company.

65. May 20 1996 year Robin Andrew Buckley: 30 days for contempt of court after failed to repay $1.8m to investors who had trusted him with FX investments.

66. June 14 1996 Paul Ferguson Fitzsimmons: 2 years for his part in the Kia Ora reverse takeover transaction (Duke Group).

67. August 20 1996 Alan Bond: 3 years for his part in the sale of Edouard Manet’s painting La Promenade from Bond Corp to his private company Dallhold Investments.

68. August 28 1996 Gavin Keith Hyland: 3 months for managing a company whilst an undischarged bankrupt and 9 months for dishonest misappropriation and concealment and alternation of books.

69. September 20 1996 former Perth investment adviser Arden Rodrick Wittensleger: 4 years on 46 counts of stealing associated with his company Astute Financial Group Pty Ltd.

70. September 20 1996 Victor Warren Ollis: 6 months for managing 3 companies while a prohibited person.

71. October 2 1996 Neil MacKenzie-Forbes was gaoled for four years with parole to be considered after nine months for his part in the Queen St Press directors fraudulently obtaining $1.07 million from financial institutions.

72. October 4 1996 – PR man Murray Evan Williams: 18 months periodic detention and fined $50,000 following insider trading charges in relation to the purchase of shares in Australis Media.

73. October 16 1996 – Darwin building company director Phillip Kenneth Johnston: 3 months for managing a number of companies within five years of being convicted of serious fraud.

74. November 7 1996 – Mt Gambier businessman James Patrick Gollan: 6 months for managing Constats Australia Pty Ltd whilst an undischarged bankrupt.

75. November 15 1996 – Peter Clarence Foster: 3 terms of 18 months on charges of attempting to induce witnesses in a judicial proceeding to give false testimony. Plus 2 months under the Commonwealth Crimes Act relating to his entry into Australia.

76. 20 November 1996 Two former directors of Queen Street Press, Marguerite Ruth Woods and John Stephen Woods: four years on 34 charges of false pretences.

77. 16 December 1996 -Brisbane Businessman Christopher Bruce Smith: 4 years on on 19 charges relating to his company Medalion Homes. Charges included one breach of the Bankruptcy Act, 13 counts of false pretences and one count of failing to answer a question during an ASC examination.

78. 24 January 1997 Tasmanian businessman Marion Wojcik: 18 months on 68 ASC charges of being knowingly concerned in a company (Exclusive Marketing) intending to defraud Woolworths.

79. 31 January 1997 Former Adelaide financial controller Terry John Swanton: 6 years on two separate sets of charges brought by the ASC and the SA Police.

80. 5 February 1997 Former Perth businessman Alan Bond: 4 years on charges relating to use of $1.2 billion in Bell Resources Ltd funds. The sentence was cumulative on the 3 year La Promenade matter.

81. 11 February 1997 Former bankrupt Richard Anthony Stephen Kontos: 3 years on 13 charges for managing 4 companies whilst a declared bankrupt.

82. 17 February 1997 Former NSW car yard owner Tom Lesic: 12 months for being involved in a company whilst an undischarged bankrupt.

83. 7 March 1997 Former Cairns company director and auditor Ronald Campbell Richardson: 12 months for a false audit report.

84. April 1997 – Stephen Thomas Goodwin: 3 months periodic detention for managing Country Manor Frozen Foods Pty Ltd whilst an undischarged bankrupt.

85. April 1997 – John Stewart Corner: 18 months periodic detention and fined $23,000 on three Companies Code charges.

86. April 1997 – Maxwell John Reid: six months for promoting South Australian Opal Mining Pty Ltd and Australian Opal House Pty Ltd when he was banned from being involved in any company until the year 2036 AD.

87. April 1997 – Christopher John Bannerman: one month for making improper use of his position as a director of Convention Planners Ltd.

88. 2 May 1997 – Peter Mitchell: 4 years for $1.4 billion cash strip of Bell Resources by Bond Corp.

89. 9 May 1997 – Rong Xiong Fan: 9 months from Brisbane Magistrate for making improper use of his position of director of Thorlon Pty Ltd.

90. 15 August 1997 – Steven Antonio La Rosa: Banned Perth securities adviser got 4 years for obtaining $1.8 million from investors which went overseas in breach of the prescribed interest provisions of the law.

91. 28 August 1997 – Ryszard Zawadski: former Hobart financial adviser got 8 months for defrauding 83yo of $83,500 which he then used partly for gambling.

92. 17 September 1997 – Reginal Robert Eustace: former Vic accountant got 3 years for stealing money from companies he worked for including Kuwait Asian Bank EC.

93. 19 September 1997 – Anthony Mark Gibson: former Woolies employee got 18 months for obtaining secret commissions from Exclusive Marketing P/L – depriving Woolworths of the fees.

94. 23 October 1997 – Peter Dimitri: 8 months for managing companies whilst an undischarged bankrupt. He promoted a worldwide pool comp and attracted $260,000 to the failed scheme.

95. 3 November 1997 – Kelvin Philip Andrews: former Queensland trustee got 18 months for forgery and misappropriation.

96. 27 November 1997 – Sean Patrick MacNamara: former Gold Coast director got 12 months.

97. 2 December 1997 – Douglas Edward Reid, former Southern Cross Holdings Deputy Chairman got 8 years for false accounting, theft, obtaining property by deception, making false documents, falsifying the books of the company and failing to act honestly as a director and furnishing false information

98. 19 December 1997 – Daryl Fredrick Bledsoe: two years for misappropriating property.

99. 22 December 1997 – Peter Manery Spies: 18 months periodic detention for defrauding Australian Duty Free Operators Ltd creditors of $500,000.

100. 16 January 1998 – Russell John Goward: Former Westmex boss got two years for making false and misleading statements in a press statement in December 1989.

101. 11 February 1998 – Greig Ronald Heilbronn: 2 years for dishonest conduct as a director of Vesofe Ltd which operated a computer sales business trading under the name of Dataquip or Dataquip Wholesale.

102. 9 March 1998 – Philip Leonard Andrews: four years for removing $300,000 from a trust account without authorisation.

103. 23 March 1998 – Alan Nichols: 15 months for deliberately refraining from recording all cash income of Tasmanian Cleaning Services which traded as Tasmanian Carpet Cleaning.

104. 23 March 1998 – Jane Wilson: 12 months for aiding and abetting Alan Nichols of Tasmanian Cleaning Services.

105. 31 March 1998 – Melbourne accountant John Robert McNabb: 14 months for trading whilst insolvent. Obtained $5 million in funds over 5 years from more than 300 people seeking to invest their money in McNabb’s company Syndal.

106. 1 April 1998 – William Henry Hann: Adelaide lad got 4.5 years for fraudulently converting $422,909 for his own use from the proceeds of car sales from the company Kearns Brothers.

107. 18 May 1998 – Robert Lloyd Lewis: Brisbane District Court gave 4.5 years for misappropriating $225,000 from 12 investors.

108. 18 May 1998 – Megan Elizabeth Bauer: 18 months for being instrumental in Robert Lloyd Lewis misappropriating $225,000 from 12 investors.

109. 26 May 1998 – Bruce Algernon Norman: Tasmanian got 4 months for 19 charges of falsifying company books and failing to act honestly as a director.

110. 19 June 1998 – Civil engineer Norman Ross Uren: 18 months for improperly using position at Lend Lease’s Civil and Civic to gain an advantage for Security Corporation Pty Ltd.

111. 19 June 1998 – Michael Robert Shearer: 18 months for market manipulation of Reef Mining Ltd over two weeks involving 1.2m shares using fictitious names.

112. 23 June 1998 – Samuel John Papotto: Perth lad got 6 months for managing a company while disqualified.

113. 17 July 1998 – Errol John White: Gold Coast financial adviser got 8 weeks for contempt for failing to comply with statutory notices issued by ASIC during its investigation into coastal Asset Management Corporation.

114. 29 July 1998 – Rolf John Schreuder: three years for this former director of Transequity Limited from the Launceston Magistrates Court for taking $6.8 million from Transequity’s bank account.

115. 10 August 1998 – Robert David Lavigne: bankrupt Sydney businessman got 24 weeks for managing a company whilst an insolvent.

116. 31 August 1998 – Cyril John Pearson: former Brisbane company director got 5 years for fraudulently accounting for money, which was put into the Beneflex Retirement Plan superannuation fund.

117. 16 September 1998 – Peter Laurence Cox: Crow Eater got 3.1 years on 55 chargers of improperly using his position as a director of a Travel Agency company.

118. 2 October 1998 – Bevan Maurice Crowley: former MD of Media Asia Pacific got 2 years for market manipulation after told market directors had revised profit forecast up to $4.5m when hadn’t.

119. 23 October 1998 – Katy Rachelle Boskovitz: Abe Goldberg’s finance director at Linter Group got 5 years on three charges of obtaining $50m from Bank of Tokyo, Westpac and Chase AMP on false statements.

120. 11 November 1998 – Karl William Brooks: former director of Queensland companies Mistoil and Richcat got 1 year for false pretence and trickery totalling $53,000 concerning One Mile Mine mining lease.

121. 19 November 1998 – Robin Andrew Buckley: 8 years for financial advantage by deception and the making of offers for subscription of a prescribed interest.

122. 27 January 1999 – Peter Gerard Jackman: 18 months for this former Queensland investment adviser.

123. 28 January 1999 – Rolf John Schreuder: former director of Transequity Ltd got 4 months for being involved when banned.

124. 29 January 1999 – George Adler: six years for obtaining money by deception.

125. 12 February 1999 – Paul Stanton (aka Paul Almerino Cavaliere): Gold Coast builder got 3 years for transferring more than $326,000 from the accounts of Cavaliere Constructions into his personal bank account after he had a trustee in bankruptcy appointed to him.

126. 26 February 1999 – Kevin John Lord: former director of furniture wholesaler Keith Lord Wholesale got 18 months for misappropriating between $266,000 and $566,000 after the company had been placed in liquidation.

127. 22 March 1999 – John Robert Houghton: former director of NSW company Houghton and Associates got two years for fraudulently applying $1.3m from wholesale superannuation investment pools for his own benefit.

128. 1 April 1999 – Michael James Giovinazzo: 4 years for fraudulently obtaining $235,000 from investors.

129. 9 April 1999 – Melissa Wendy Norman: 18 months for misappropriating $240,996 from Kerdale Pty Ltd where she was a director.

130. 21 April 1999 – Dean Russell Anderson: 3 months for managing Australian Home Marketing Pty Ltd while an undischarged bankrupt.

131. 19 May 1999 – Roland Kerkmez: 6 months for managing Videoland Pty Ltd while banned from doing so.

132. 3 June 1999 – David Anthony Bradshaw: former Melbourne liquidator and auditor got 18 months for stealing money from Mariemont Investments Pty Ltd of which he was the registered liquidator.

133. 4 June 1999 – Sandra Joyce Stephens: former Tassie investment adviser got 4 years for stealing and cheating.

134. 18 June 1999 – Stuart John Forsythe: Newcastle investment adviser got 6 years for misappropriation and forgery charges involving $1.4 million with elderly clients over 7 years.

135. 21 June 1999 – Allan McDonald Healy: 5 years for dishonestly obtaining $3 million from clients of failed Victorian financial services group Sentinel.

136. 17 September 1999 – Simon Gautier Hannes: executive director of Macquarie Bank got 2.1 years for insider trading on $2m of TNT securities and structuring withdrawals to avoid the reporting requirements under the Financial Transactions Act.

137. 12 October 1999 – Bruce Lockwood Vague: 3.5 years for stealing $242,596.35 from a client’s trust account while a director, shareholder and principal of former licensed financial adviser and securities dealer Hutcherson Denny Investment Services Pty Ltd.

138. 14 October 1999 – Andrew John Smith: 3 years for misappropriating $156,000 in his position as a director of Afcan Group International.

139. 20 October 1999 – Leon Gregory Kaine: director of North West Computers Software Pty Ltd got 8 months for obtaining goods for false pretences and being knowingly concerned with a company acting for a fraudulent purpose.

140. 6 December 1999 – Donald Richard Maxwell: 1 year periodic detention for obtaining a financial advantage by deception and offering securities without a prospectus.

141. 7 December 1999 – Anthony James Fitzwater: 4 years after misappropriating $180,000 from an insurance bond belonging to a long-standing client.

142. 15 December 1999 – Michael James Camilleri: Melbourne investment adviser got 2.5 years after stealing $346,022 from six clients and a number of personal superannuation funds.

143. 11 January 2000 – Blacktown chef Frederick John Hallagan: 3 months for managing a company while banned from doing so. His company, Cuspinban Investments Pty Ltd ceased trading with debts of $180,000.

144. 21 January 2000 – Former Eastwood investment adviser Larry Douglas Westwood: 2 years for misappropriating $114,000 from four investors.

145. 4 February 2000 – Robert James MacLeod: director of Trainex Pty Ltd and Starlight Film Studios Ltd and got 7 years for offering prescribed interest without a prospectus in tax effective film schemes and five charges relating to fraud of $1.3 million.

146. 3 March 2000 – David Allison Bennell: 2.2 years for stealing more than $180,000 from Osben Pty Ltd, of which he was the company secretary.

147. 31 March 2000 – Michael Wayne Childs: 3.4 years for stealing $125,000 from the Sound City Church, Assembly of God while acting as a financial adviser to the Church.

148. 11 April 2000 – Brothers, jewellers and prohibited company directors Ashur and Hammurabi Barhy: 5 months periodic detention each for managing a company while a bankrupt and within five years of being convicted of serious fraud.

149. 14 April 2000 – Kenneth John Firns: 14 months for insider trading in 1995 of mining company Carpenter Pacific Resources NL.

150. 26 April 2000 – Former MD of Australian Investment Advisers Ltd, Maxwell Vardanega: 5 years for 17 counts of obtaining a financial advantage by deception, charges which involved more than $1.4 million of lenders’ funds.

151. 26 April 2000 – Andrew Michael Szumylo: 7 years for 58 criminal charges relating to his conduct as the secretary of an Adelaide company whose name has been suppressed.

152. 3 May 2000 – Former Melbourne financial adviser Colin Frederick Quarrell: 5 years for dishonestly obtaining $4 million from clients of the failed Victorian financial services group Sentinel.

153. 4 May 2000 – Stephen Lewis Matthews: 3 months for contempt for the former publisher of The Chimes website.

154. 5 May 2000 – William Richard Tooth: 5.2 years for 8 counts of financial advantage by deception.

155. 8 May 2000 – Phillip Stephen O’Leary, formerly a Melbourne investment adviser: 18 months for 8 counts of theft from clients totalling $130,000.

156. 11 May 2000 – Anastasis Darcy Papas: 10 years on 66 charges of stealing and fraud involving a total of $703,000 through Acclaim Financial Services which held a proper authority from AMP.

157. 15 May 2000 – Milan Izidor Tusek: 2.5 years for this bankrupt former Queensland property developer on fraud charges.

158. 19 May 2000 – Paul William Wilhelm: 5 years for this Sand Groper on 15 fraud counts.

159. 4 July 2000 – Christopher Martyn Matson: 12 months from the Launceston Court of Petty Sessions.

160. 7 July 2000 – Former Melbourne company director Michael Taylor: 2 years for improperly using his position as a director of Creative Yarns P/L to misappropriated over $380,000 to support a gambling addiction.

161. 11 July 2000 – Charles William Swinton: 3 years for this former Sydney investment adviser for fraud and misappropriating $281,088 from three clients.

162. 21 July 2000 – Royce Charlett: 3 months for carrying on the business of an insurance broker whilst unregistered, and making false and misleading statements under the Insurance Act.

163. 11 September 2000 – John Andrew McPhee: 4.5 years for this former director of McPhee Meat Packing Pty Ltd on theft of $250,324 and making false accounting records involving company funds of $643,613.

164. 11 September 2000 – George Balos: NSW District Court gave him 11 years on 46 fraud charges relating to $2.2 million he raised through an illegal investment scheme.

165. 12 October 2000 – Karl William Brooks: 3 months for managing Brisbane company CB Environmental Barrier Paints while prohibited.

166. 13 October 2000 – Frank Pugliese: 5 years on 10 fraud charges for defrauding 8 investors involved with FMI Asia Pacific Pty Ltd and ITEC Holdings Pty Ltd of $625,000.

167. 20 October 2000 – Brian Peter Dodd, a former manager and futures adviser at the Brisbane office of Ord Minnett in Queensland: 18 months for six charges of using his position to make profits totalling $473, 933 in fake names.

169. 30 October 2000 – Steven George Hourmozis: 2 years for spamming and hitting email bulletin boards to ramp stocks.

170. 3 November 2000 – Noel Andrew Bell: 2.8 years for 24 charges of illegally raising $2.8m funds from investors without a prospectus.

171. 24 November 2000 – George Adler: 4 years on charges of obtaining money by deception which commences when current sentence expires on 31 May 2002 (see no. 125).

172 11 December 2000 – Donald Clarke: 9 years for 14 charges of misappropriating funds from investors for debt factoring for other purposes

173 December 2000 – Christopher Bruce Smith: 2 years for defrauding a pensioner of $119,400.

174 15 December 2000 – Ross Patrick Zagari: 3.5 years for illegally redeeming more than $2.4 million of clients’ superannuation and defrauding the Commissioner of taxation of $33,288.

175 21 December 2000 – John Murray Murnane: 3 months for theft, being an unregistered insurance broker, operating a business when bankrupt and breaching a condition of a suspended sentence.

176 20 March 2001 – John Laurence Skinner: 4.5 years for defrauding investors of $259,000 by misappropriating subscriptions for two well-publicised public share offers in late 1996 and early 1997.

177 20 March 2001 -Denis Joseph Wallace: 4 years for defrauding investors of $182 000 by misappropriating subscriptions for two well-publicised public share offers in late 1996 and early 1997.

178 8 May 2001 – Geoffrey Robert Dexter: 10 years on multiple fraud charges over Wattle Group scheme in which 2700 people invested over $160 million dollars on promises of 50 per cent returns.

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