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May 18, 2010

Julia Gillard: Deputy Prime Minister and Centre Half Forward

haha aha hah hahah eep




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31 thoughts on “Julia Gillard: Deputy Prime Minister and Centre Half Forward

  1. Sandshoe

    the approaching sound I think lissen up! of a whistler (horrible loud) and the boorish squeak of an adLib adOff adLib adOff cyclist no less …

    Y’ tell yr bestie y’ love ’em
    Y’ tell yr bestie y’ don’t
    Y tell yr bestie y’ love ’em
    And y’ spread it all about
    Knees bend knees bend
    Thass what iss allabout
    (He had to come down off that highwire sooner or later hahahahahahahahehehhhh snigger)

    dog, not talking to you FD sorry, to dog, I did it . I have crafted a dinkum variation on an antique theme with a suggestion of muckrake, thank you dog. What a marvellous party!!!

  2. Dez Hoy

    Lovely work FD. I’ve never seen big bad bustlin’ Bazza look so good, and in form. Will Wayne now play for the Swans?

  3. daveliberts

    Wonderful stuff FDOTM. Wonderful.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    I wrote a little limerick for Tony Abbott.

    “Hello down there I am God;
    That Catholic Abbott’s a clod.
    He admits that he lies
    Yet the lies he denies.
    I find his behaviour most odd.”

    With a hey nonnie nonnie and a hot cha cha. Olé.

  5. Sandshoe

    Typo. Delete ‘Whta’s’. Insert ‘What’s’. Darn.

  6. Sandshoe

    @ Holden Back: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Whta’s TAP’s laugh like? Like a drunkard of an ear on skinny flailing legs staggering towards an imagined finishing line … on a highwire using an extended balancing pole but really … high as a very kite on the endorphins of self righteous delight and extolling the protection of the virginity of the laugh of others too closely related to itself for it to be of any personal consequence or hindrance to a laugh like that … laughing!!!!! about the mull of Truth and truth and trewth and trooth and …

    It takes all sorts. That’s my take. I see things.

  7. Sandshoe

    Gee truly thanks Venise. So good to be back.

  8. Sandshoe

    John you can tell us what you think if that’s on your dance card. Safe as houses.

  9. Venise Alstergren

    JOHN: It’s snow good. Trust Abbott with nothing. If he wrote it in blood it wouldn’t even be his own.

  10. paddy

    John. Only if the little fella’s respect is written in the snow. 🙂

  11. John

    If Tony Abbott’s Penis tells me it will still respect me in the morning, should I believe it?

  12. donica

    I’m with Jenny. The last panel with the laugh and the penis is a classic. One of your best Mr Onthemoon.

  13. Meski

    A drover’s full-back could win the election.

  14. Venise Alstergren

    Me jumping up and down having a tantrum. I want a Snerk. I have always wanted a snerk. And I have exactly the right little box for a snerk.

    Great cartoon, or as Mike Jones says, a ‘toon, FD. :roll: 🙂

    HOLDEN BACK: I can only do it verbally…A Kalashnikov in lust? Loud, common and coarse.

    MIKE JONES: I’m still cringing. I almost can’t believe I was watching the show when he said it.

    Tony Abbott is unique. Every time I unload my feelings about him he goes me one better. If I was to say he was pregnant, he’d come out with triplets. Spooky. 🙁

  15. Venise Alstergren

    Me jumping up and down having a tantrum. I want a Snerk. I have always wanted a snerk. And I have exactly the right little box for a snerk.

    Great cartoon, or as Mike Jones says, a ‘toon, FD. :roll: 🙂

    HOLDEN BACK: I can only do it verbally…A Kalashnikov in lust? Loud, common and coarse.

  16. Eponymous

    Terrific stuff Mr Onthemoon. Sadly, too tall for my desktop, so I’ll have to print it out and hang it in the pool room.

  17. Gavin Moodie

    A crafty observation from Ern Malley’s cat, ‘specially since Aker said he was retiring at the end of the 2009 season: I have kept a note of his promise in my wallet. No one in their right mind would challenge bustlin bad boy Bazza.

  18. paddy

    You’re a truly evil and very funny canine cartoonist FD.

    The rise and rise of the tattooed ranga’s laugh,
    has clearly reduced Tony’s two eyed trouser snake
    to the role of bit player without a script.

    The little fella will be missed…….A bit. 🙂

  19. Holden Back

    So what does Tony Abbot’s laugh look like?

  20. zut alors

    @ Mike

    Yes siree, that’s the pearl of the day.

    Mr Onthemoon,

    I know you’re still smarting because the Deputy PM hasn’t any of your cartoons on her walls (yet!). Today we learn that she likes Mr Kudelka’s. It’s so unfair.

  21. wyane

    from dictionary.com:

    “ad- : a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant “toward” and indicated direction …”

    Going-forward, I think the correct term to use is “adDeputy Prime Minister”.


  22. Mike Jones

    Doggy, funny, of course, but chock-full of truth too ! Why is it that there is a feeling like the time Hayden got rolled by Hawke ? And Hawke by Keating ? Answer: because the time was right – both times.

    Pearl of the day “Sometimes Kerry, I get a bit excited and just make shit up!”

    What if there IS a Santa ? A Rudd-free and an Abbott-free Christmas ! Yay !

    How much fun can you have with one ‘toon ? Answer: Heaps !

  23. Innocent Until

    As good as this is FD I fear you will lose audience to the News. No political cartoon could be as excruciatingly and whimsically funny as the politicians themselves. They are staging such a good distraction that I sometimes wonder what we are being distracted from.

  24. Jenny

    Just to clarify – I meant the last panel of the cartoon with the laugh having a fit – not the photoshopped footy player.

  25. linzc

    Actually… I just made up that bit about laughing out loud. Sometimes in the heat of a comment you just say things that go a little bit further…

  26. Ern Malleys cat

    Ooh, she’s clever.
    Yet again she’s successfully diverted attention from her real takeover target.
    It’s obvious to me that she’s really after the job of a veteran goal-sneak #21 who’s shorts would appear to fit her. Don’t be surprised to see her sporting a black goatee soon.

  27. linzc

    Best cartoon this year! Genuine LOL stuff. My own laugh has been hauled off to the ER suffering paroxysms.

  28. Gavin Moodie

    I agree with Jenny

    We need a separate pic of Gillard as full forward for the Dogs/Prime Minister.

  29. michael matusik

    PM gillard will be in the run on side for the semi-finals this spring…

  30. Jenny

    Julia’s laugh has left my laugh exhausted from laughing so much.

    That last panel has got to be a T-Shirt!

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